Shphlh, Shfhlh or Klkam in the Kurdish language,  capers, capers, Lgjy,Lyjyn,  Kharvk or grass snake (scientific name: Capparis spinosa) it is the plant from cloves canids (Caryophyllales), from Kobra (Capparaceae), Genus Kbrha (Capparis).



Capers plant is native to Mediterranean, and they come into action in the hot and humid climate of the Cyprus, Italy, Greece, North Africa and some parts of Asia.

Capers are in heights above 2500 meters in Ilam , Pars, Kermanshah, Khuzestan, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Yazd, Kerman and south of the province .In the area of Nujin in the South West part of the Fars province city in Farashband, one of the finest fruits of the plant in its native language capers Lyjyn or Lgjy is to be achieved and especially you can see it in the other cities in the neighbor. This plant is a lot in the Kerman with the name of Deck or Dahak and also you can find it in the Simkouea village in Yazd province. In addition, you can find it  in the city of Ramhormoz in Khuzestan province and most of the people there said Lagajy to this plant . In addition, that eats this plant  raw and someone makes pickle from it. Someone in Ramhormoz said in spring this is a favorite kind of fox food.



Capers is the planet that looks like bush and has a long, thin wooden branches of the old kind of it has leafless branches but the young branches have young small  leaves, narrow and has a length of 12.4 mm and is leading to spine-like tip.

The root of  this plant is very hard and long, thick skin, which after drying wood will be separated from the brain. It may take up to thirty years.

The fruit shape (the size of a small cherry), without blurry and with green color with green and yellow lines and inside it there is red fruit with lots of small seeds.

Food consumption

After being produced in Fars province they make pickle from this bitter fruit.

Capers is the main part of Italian Cuisines, especially Sicily seafood and in southern of Italy. They are using capers in salads, pasta, pizza, meat dishes and a variety of pasta sauces.

Medicinal properties

This plant was used in ancient Greek and Arab medicine. It has skin with spicy and astringent tastes and calming effect, mosaic and smooth and calm in relieving cough and asthma attacks and destruction worked cream and useful rash in the treatment of Bu-Ali Sina he said:

milt (spleen ) be cured of the irascible clean and then false-it with vinegar and honey repellents and toxins out of the body and Soda is a diuretic.

Capers root diseases of the nervous system to improve Peleg and some is due to the increasing cold or humidity is very lucrative.

Also combined with spices such as valerian, lavender, honey Azkhr and out of degenerative and breast slime and mucus is as decisive for joint pain and sciatica and gout hence whether oral or it is beneficial poultice.


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