Pigeon flower a genus of flowering plants from the Khajebashian family. 25 species of annual and perennials herbaceous plant grow in Iran from the genus of  Tusak .

In the past, in Iran, the people believe that if smash some flowers of Tusak and pour them in the milk so the milk will close and if they boil it and put it on the part of the body that they want to cut it will help to numb it.



It has 40 to 100 centimeters height. It is perennials plant with long, narrow, cross. Toothless leaves. It has abundant flower drinks with blue-violet flowers. Bees love them a lot.

Chemical compounds

There are Tannis , Starch, sucrose, saponins, glycosides in the root of this plant with the name of Askubyuzyd .


In traditional medicine and from ancient times, it was the useful drug of skin disorders such as scab, it has been this named accordingly. This plant has booster effect on digestion and it is blood clarifiers.  To prepare brewed of  it  , brewed 10 grams of leaves of it in the pure boiling water, then smooth and drink it.


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