Persian Rug; A Symbol of Iranian Originality

As mentioned in introduction of the encyclopedia of Persian Rugs: Iran is known in the world for two distinguished things: poetry and carpet. In other words, Iranian taste and Iranians’ aesthetic taste has been manifested in poetry and carpet in … Read More

New German-Iran Trade Triggers Persian Rug Resurgence

When it comes to oriental rugs, Tamin Wahdat can fully meet his customers’ demands. His business, based in Hamburg’s warehouse district, deals with rugs from India, Pakistan and Iran. Among them are masterpieces such as a real Persian rug for … Read More

Book on Magic & Myth in Bakhtiari Rugs

An interesting feature of the rugs is that each compartment is usually presented in a different motif and color scheme from that of the adjacent one, and the end effect is a mesmerizing medley Magic, myth and symbolism in rugs … Read More

Persian odyssey: tales from the real Iran

  Iran is becoming an increasingly popular destination for 2016, according to UK tour operators   CREDIT: ALAMY The old man paused for breath beneath a walnut tree. A part-time philosopher, he was called Rahmatollah (meaning “Offer of the Gods”). He had … Read More


Tabatabaei Historical House

Tabatabaei historical house is one and the most glorious historical house in Kashan. This city is known for its historical houses and Iranian architecture, which attracts many tourists from Iran and around the world. Come with us to travel get … Read More


Carpet Museum, A Symbol of Iranian Originality

The Carpet Museum of Iran exhibits a variety of Persian rugs from all over Iran, dating from the 16th century to the present. Iran is known in the world for two distinguished things: poetry and carpet. Iranian carpets are one of the … Read More

Abgoosht: Taste of Iranian Tradition

Abgoosht is one of the most traditional Iranian foods. It is also called Dizi, which refers to the traditional stone crock pots it is served in. Whether you call it Abgoosht or Dizi, you should absolutely try this very traditional Persian recipe, which is often a favorite among … Read More

Auction House Sells Carpets for $8.7m

A total of 21 Persian hand-woven carpets were sold out of the 33 presented at the auction with the highest bid of $4.3 million going to ‘Iranian Paradise,’ a 100 sq m exquisite carpet made by Kashmar weavers The first … Read More

Iran Culture Expo in Rio

An Iranian cultural exhibition opened in Rio de Janeiro on Monday concurrent with the Summer Olympic competitions underway in the Brazilian seaside city. The exhibition was inaugurated in the presence of Iranian Ambassador to Brazil Mohammad Ali Ghanehzadeh, officials from … Read More



Espand ( scientific name : ‘Peganum harmala’),is perennial herbaceous from dark Nitrariaceae . Espand plant height is about 30 to 50 cm in length. It seems that this plant looks like the plants that have green leaves with narrow and … Read More