Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours are kind of trips which a person chooses an unusual, amazing and faraway destination. In addition people face with adventure and dangerous activities or unique lifestyle. In recently years, adventurous trips has extended and people follow more pristine destinations that anybody has tread there. This tours and activities also need to special skills, physical preparation, professional equipment and tools

According to Travel Trade Association definition, adventure trip have three features:

  • An adventure and dangerous physical activity.
  • Cultural exchanges and connecting with natives people
  • Connecting with pristine nature and visit of its wonders.

Truly, Iran has adventure tourism high potential due to its topography (mountains areas, impassable deserts and mass jungle etc), climate and ethnics diversity  . Iran Adventure Tours consist of activities like desert safari, caving, off road, jungle hiking, mountain climbing, diving, rafting and like these.


Adventure Tours

Mountain Climbing

Mount Damavand may be little known outside its home nation of Iran but Asia’s highest volcano is a delightful challenge for mountaineers