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Lut Desert: ecosystem of Earth’s hottest spot

The incredible ecosystem of Earth’s hottest spot. Lut Desert: The hottest, driest, and most scenic desert on Earth. The Lut Desert, also known as Dasht-e Lut, is an extreme landscape in more ways than one. The hyper-arid desert has been … Read More

The historic city of yazd

The Historic City of Yazd

The Historic City of Yazd is a traditional earthen city where life has been adapted to its desert location, most notable via the water system of the qanats. Yazd is a city with a long history dating back to the … Read More

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Persian Gulf: One of the Largest Gulf in the World

Geography Persian Gulf or Pars Sea, which runs along the Oman Sea and between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula. Its area is 233,000 square kilometers, and after the Gulf of Mexico and the Hudson Bay, the third largest gulf in … Read More

The Famous Persian Poet

Persian Poet Hafez-e Shirazi + Biography

Persian lyric Poet Hafez-e Shirazi (1315-1390) grew up in Shiraz. Very little is known about his life. Many semi-miraculous mythical tales were woven around Hafez after his death. It is said that by listening to his father’s recitations, Hafez had accomplished … Read More

Plasterwork and Mirror Work Persian Plaster Carving and Decoration With Mirrors

Persian Plaster Carving & Decoration With Mirrors

Plasterwork GACH-BORI, plasterwork or stucco, has been used as a building material in Persia for more than 2,500 years. Originally it may have been applied as a rendering to mud brick walls to protect them from the weather, but it … Read More


Gereh-chini & Orosi-sazi (Persian Art & Architecture)

Two kinds of stained glass work became common in Iran: Gereh-chini (decorative wood lattice) and Orosi-sazi (sash-style). Gereh-chini (decorative Islamic geometric art form) This is one of the branch of architectures and traditional tiling. Gereh is an Islamic decorative art … Read More

Ghalamkar, the Art Creation of a Role on a Linen Cloth

Ghalamkar,the Art Creation of a Role on a Linen Cloth

Ghalamkar (Calico) is one of the oldest crafts of ancient Persian which was in the peak of fame for centuries. This sort of cloth is prepared of pure cotton. The Calico (Ghalamkar) implies the creation of a role on a linen … Read More

Persian Tiles the Most Beautiful Tile Work in the World

Persian Tiles: Extraordinary Decorative Tile Mosaics

The creation of Persian tiles began about 1200 A.D. and Persian tiles decorating reached it’s zenith in the 18th and 19th centuries. On any tour for first time visitors, there are the “musts,” of course: the ancient ruins at Persepolis, … Read More

Ghalamzani The Persian Art of Engraving

Ghalamzani (The Persian Art of Engraving on Metal)

Ghalamzani Engraving with Hammer & Chisel (Silverwork) Silver is a precious metal discovered in about 600 BC. Apart from the historical precedence of Ghalamzani, most people do not know enough about this beautiful artistic endeavor. Ancient art in Persia has … Read More