Shiraz Royal Hotel

Grade: Four Star Location: Shiraz Address: Royal Hotel Shiraz, Next to Haft-Khan Restaurant, Darvaze Qoran, Rabani Boulevard, Shiraz, Iran Description: Shiraz Royal Hotel was opened in 2015 with a beautiful view of the city entrance. The hotel has 44 rooms and … Read More


Shiraz Park Saadi Hotel

Grade: Four Star Location: Shiraz Address: Park Saadi Hotel, Across from Baghe Jahan Nama, Hafez Street, Shiraz Description: Shiraz Saadi Park Hotel is located near to Qoran Qate; the Shiraz entrance and the opposite of Jahan Nama Garden and tomb of … Read More


Isfahan Keryas Hotel

Grade: Four Star Location: Isfahan Address: No.52, Omrani St., Ostandari Ave., Isfahan, Iran Description: Isfahan Keryas Hotel is a treasure of the Qajar era, which is located next to Naqshe Jahan Square, in the neighborhood of Abbasi Great Mosque. It also … Read More


Isfahan Kianpour Historical Residence

Grade: Four Star Location: Isfahan Address: Gool-e Davodi Blind Alley, No. 76, poshtbaro Alley, chahar baqh e paeen st, Isfahan, Iran Description: Isfahan Kianpour Historical Residence is a traditional house in Bid Abad historic neighborhood. The house dates back to Qajar period … Read More


Isfahan Ghasr Monshi Boutique Hotel

Grade: Four Star Location: Isfahan Address: Ghasre Monshi Alley, NearFarshadi Street, Neshat Street, Isfahan Description: Isfahan Ghasr Monshi boutique Hotel is located in an old neighborhood of the same name. The hotel belonged to one of the Qajar ministers who … Read More


Tehran Raamtin Residence Hotel

Grade: Four Star Location: Tehran Address: N 2153, Across from gas station, After Beheshti, Valiasr Street, Tehran Description: Tehran Raamtin Residence Hotel is located in Valiasr Street; one of the main streets of the capital. Hence, you will have a good … Read More


Tehran Borj Sefid Hotel

Grade: Four Star Location: Tehran Address: Across from 6th Boustan, Pasdaran Avenue, Tehran Description: Tehran Borj Sefid Hotel is located in a 22 floors glorious tower in Pasadaran Street with pleasant weather, so if you are looking for a luxury accommodation, … Read More


Tehran Olympic Hotel

Grade: Four Star Location: Tehran Address: Dehkadeh Boulevard, West of Azadi Stadium, Tehran Description: Tehran Olympic Hotel is located next to Azadi Sport Complex, overlooks Chitgar Forest Park and close to Persian Gulf Lake. Because of geographic location, fresh air and … Read More

Tehran Novotel Hotel

Grade: Five Star Location: Tehran Address: Across from Terminal 1, south of main Boulevard, Persian Gulf Highway, Tehran Description: Novotel Hotel is located 30 km from Tehran and is a short distance from Imam Khomeini International Airport, which is connected … Read More


Persian Legend

Ancient Persia exists since 1700 BC and considered to be the cradle of civilization. There are few places in the world which have a culture and history as rich as Persia. In the ancient history lots of extraordinary things happened; … Read More