Yuz-e Irani (The Asiatic cheetah)

The Asiatic cheetah, Yuz-e Irani (Iranian Cheetah) or The fast Asian cheetah (scientific name: Acinonyx jubatus venatic us ) is a high subspecies in danger of extinction of cheetah that now only a few dozen of harnesses of them find … Read More


Mamysa (Tusak)

Pigeon flower a genus of flowering plants from the Khajebashian family. 25 species of annual and perennials herbaceous plant grow in Iran from the genus of  Tusak . In the past, in Iran, the people believe that if smash some … Read More


Shphlh, Shfhlh or Klkam in the Kurdish language,  capers, capers, Lgjy,Lyjyn,  Kharvk or grass snake (scientific name: Capparis spinosa) it is the plant from cloves canids (Caryophyllales), from Kobra (Capparaceae), Genus Kbrha (Capparis). Habitat Capers plant is native to Mediterranean, … Read More