Tree melon is famous to the local name of Papaya in Sistan and Baluchistan region. The total surface area of this rare tropical product in this region is less than 30 Hectare.

Every Papaya tree that in every season of the year has both flower and fruit, has about thousand kilogram products in a year.

People pay attention to this plant because of Gentle and Pleasant taste that is as same as the taste of Cantaloupe with the special aroma of itself and also because of ease of planting and arriving at the fruit very soon in the whole year.

Local people consume this plant because of its medicinal properties that some of them are as follow:

  • Treatment of digestive diseases
  • Treatment of Heart diseases
  • Treatment of vascular diseases
  • Treatment of Bowel cancer

Papaya is the plant that is in the groups of lentils, ever green, with one trunk and soft wood with the height of 1 to 10 meter.

This kind of plant can live for 20 years but the useful and economic life of that is not more than 3 years.

Usually, the first product of this tree is coming out after 12 months.     Every flower about 145-165 days after pollination come to be a complete fruit. When fruits are coming to be complete the colour of them change from green to yellow and even orange colours.

You can pick these fruits after they are coming to be complete and save them in the warehouse or send them to the distant points.

Keeping or transport these fruits because of the thin skin of them needs lots of attentions.

Sistan and Baluchistan province has good weather for producing and keeping such these fruit. Some of these fruits are as follow:

  • Mango
  • Chico
  • Guava or local olives
  • Papaya
  • Banana

Violet is the name of kind of plant from the Violaceae family that is mostly found in the temperate regions of the world with the short stem and Purple or Yellow colours. Violet has Therapeutic and Medical Properties either and use for making Afshar crystal in the past.

Morphology Specifications

This plant is Gramineous, Stable. It has left of the same place and comes to be outside from the Collar. The leaves of this plant are in the shape of  Heart, with long petioles and they are located on the ground level because there is not specified aerial stem in this kind of plant. Lateral buds appear on the side of the petioles of  Violet. The flowers are single, beautiful and with the Purple colour and they are rarely White or with Rosy colour and fragrant. The long Peduncles of the flower that they born from the Petioles before come to be flower had a bent shape like a reed that is visible. The fruits of Violet are Glume, spherical, covered with fluff and they contain the seeds with the Yellow colour and with White patchiness. Beautiful and scented flowers of Violet are the appearance in the Early Spring. In summer flowers are without petals that they appearance between Petioles which always remains secret inside them.

Single flowers of Violet are in the Purple colour and rarely White with the fragrant flowers. Long Peduncles before come to be flower has bent shape like a reed. Peduncles appear from between the leaves. In front of the light, they lose their colour. In the dark and dry place, they keep their color even for more than one year.

Violet in Iran

Naturally Violet is growing in the North of Iran, but given that today it is planting in the garden as an ornamental flower, it can be seen in most parts of Iran. As Violet is planting in winter so it is called the flower under the snow.

Violet diseases

Cucumber mosaic virus is one of the plant viruses that has been extracted from this plant and it is proven on Violet.

Violet in the Traditional medicine

Base on the traditional medicine all parts of Violet such as leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, and flowering branches have medicinal consumption.

Violet is wet, pungent, slightly bitter and cold. This plant has the properties such as follow:

  • Anti-inflammation
  • Mucus
  • Stimulant
  • Diuretic
  • Anti-tumor
  • Anti-rheumatic
  • Laxative
  • Antimicrobials
  • Stabilization capillary walls and blood purifier
  • Sudoriferous

Prepared syrup of it brewed Violet can be used for the treatment of a cough. Because of being rich in the soap materials, so it is good mucus and it is the reason of strengthening of the blood. Pour two spoons of Violet powder in the half a liter boiling water and then use it with milk and honey.

Brewed Violet can be used after being in the doping shape as compresses for the treatment of skin diseases. For the treatment of rheumatism, it can use two times in a day from the compress of the brewed Violet on stance. From the powdered of Violet and water, you can make a dough that is helpful for wound healing and injuries.

About 6-10 grams of Violet seeds has the Laxative effect on the children and the consumption of 7-15 grams of that on the water has the slight effect of laxative. From the violet oil can be used to avoid from the followings:

  • Hair loss
  • Dandruff
  • Itchy skin
  • skin beauty
  • Gingivitis
  • Headaches and nosebleeds

In Literature

As Violet is the name of the flower so it has many consumptions in the poems either. You can find many beats of poems from the different poets that they use this word to show the much beautiful sense of themselves. Some of these poets are as follow:

  • Hafez
  • Saadi
  • Maulana
  • Ferdowsi
  • Khayyam
  • Attar

In Europe and totally West culture (not forget me),it is using for such this purpose.


Black Hellebore or Christmas Rose is from Ranunculaceae family. It is also mentioned in the books of traditional medicine as Rajol alray. The root is used as the vertical composition of the Ayarj Lvghazya.


Black Hellebore is the herbaceous plant, Perennial, Short, with green branches.

Traditional medicine

Black hellebore nature is hot and dry. General properties of that are laxatives bile and absorbing mucus from deep tissues in the body and this plant is the therapist of the cold diseases and also it is stronger than the white kinds. In all interactions that hellebore has the active role the black one is more effective and has faster acting either. It is used in Temple and head pain, the old water loss from the eye and chest pain, clear the respiratory tract, offal products, bladder, and uterus.

If a few days laid them near sweets, and or with Peeled barley or boiled with lentils and drink the water of it, it does not hurt you. It is harmful to the kidneys and correcting of it are Tragacanth, thyme, two Swan, Fitr Asalyvn Rock- Parsley, Fudenjan, and mastic. Two shekels of that is deadly with diarrhea, shortness of breath and the syrup contain half a gram to half a shekel of this plant.

Some the other traditional names of Black Hellebore are as follow:

  • Kharbaq Asoud (Hellebore Aswad)
  • Katky Siah
  • Khale Zangi

1)    The nature of that is very hot and dry.

2)    It is consuming for destroying white stains so mix it with vinegar and rub it on your skin.

3)    For treatment of voice on the ear baking Black Hellebore with vinegar and drop it into your ear.

4)    It is a soothing toothache.

5)    For treating hearing boil the roots of Black Hellebore and drop some of that in your ear. (Do that under doctor opinion)

6)    Brewed shape of this plant is consuming for the treatment of Obsession and


7)    For treatment of half-headache and Epilepsy drink brewed shape of Black Hellebore.

8)    It is very profitable for eyes and it is one of the reasons of improve vision.

9)    Get out of Soda, Bile, and Mucus from the body.

10) Get out bad phlegm from the body.

11) It is strong Purgative.

12) It is helpful for swelling of intestine, stomach, bladder.

13) It is the treatment of frequent urination.

14) Underground stems of this plant are strong Purgative that they must consume with caution.

15) It is heart amplifier.

16) It is helpful for the patients that they have sudden paralysis as same as brain bloodshed.

17) This plant is harmful to kidneys and it must consume with Katira, Pennyroyal, and Mastic.

18) If you pour the brewed shape of that around your home it makes the insects fugitive.

19) This plant is Toxic and Fatal. Try to don’t consume it and if you do that be under doctor opinion.

Sepasi Canids Flower (Gentianales) is one of the phylum’s of the plants. It is in the group of dicotyledons with joined regular corolla.

Sepasi Flower

Sepasi flower is the genus of Sepasi Canids Flowers with about 400 kinds and wide distribution that one of its properties is the folded between two parts of its corolla. Zechariah Razi uses from this plant for treatment of sick persons. We can point to the acaulescent gentian from its several kinds.

This flower is very beautiful with the green spear leaves and it can be grown easily in the apartment. The plant is resistant to cold and it can be grown easily in winter. For planting, this kind of plant chooses a big size of the pot and fill it with moist soil, sand and rich in organic fertile. Then plant the seeds at a depth of 25 cm. Put the pots under the direct sunlight and the place that it has lots of bright on itself.

Watering the pots must be done regularly and at least two days of the week, for the better drainage of the soil you can make 2 to 3 holes under the pot and choose big saucer for it. Using soluble fertilizers once in a three week helps the plant to grow better.

The proliferation of this plant is possible from the seeds and cuttings in the spring. It has flowered in the summer with the urceolate shape and in blue and purple colours.

Marshmallow with the scientific name of Alcea is kind of plant from Malvaceae family that is annual, grows by itself and flowers, fruits and roots of it have medicinally consumption.

Marshmallow flower has 2 meters height with Pink, Red, and White colours which they use as covers of drugs. A Large genus of flowering plants has 200-220 kinds of angiosperms. This plant is a native of warm regions, under tropical equatorial and tropical areas between two north and south of the equator circuits in the whole world. Marshmallow has the beneficial effect in the treatment of liver diseases and acne.

How to use

First, you must dry petals of the flower of Marshmallow and after that grind them. Then for each use have a teaspoonful of the powder of grind Marshmallow in the glass of boiling water that come to be cold and let them be there for 8 hours and after that use it.

Medicinal properties

The nature of Marshmallow is temperate, laxative and strong purgative, colic, mucus, anti cough and belly twisting. The seed of it is useful in the treatment of stomach ulcers.

Needs of Chinese Rose Mallow

Appropriate Soil:

The best soil for the plant is a mixture of loam and peat.

Swap pot:

Every year in the spring change the pot of the flower with the big another one. You must be content when the pot come to be in the large and growing mode and the impossibility of swap surface soil of the pot with a new and rich soil.

Cleaning the leaves:

The spray mist is enough. If necessary you can clean the leaves with a cloth or damp sponge. Do not use shiny chemical materials.


Cuttings wooden rooted in summer of Chinese Marshmallow are coming to the bazaar with the Yellow and Orange colours. The flowers didn’t last more than two days if humidity environment reduced buds are coming down before they are opening, mist sprayed prevent from this failure.


The emergence of many flowers and being more beautiful of them in the next year is because of pruning. In the end of the winter, the height of branches must be reduced to the half and the place of cut in order to prevent the entry of pathogens must disinfection with Sulfur dust and the surface must be covered with petroleum jelly.


In order to keep the soil moist it needs irrigation three times a week in summer, never let the excess water stay in the pot. Visit drain. In the winter the time of watering is when the surface soil is completely dry. (basically once every two weeks watering in winter is enough.)


In the spring and summer, needs daily spray mist with warm water without mineral. To provide permanent moisture and sustainable need map with pebbles of add water pay attention that the end of pot must not connect to the water, in the winter it is enough to have one time a week spray mist for the pot. It loves a gentle stream of air.


Every two weeks, once in the spring and summer (especially with the advent of flowers) with liquid artificial food and or solid dissolved in water especially for ornamental plants feed the plant according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Suitable soil:

The best soil for the plant is a mixture of loam and peat.

Swap pot:

Every year swap the pot of the plant with another big one. When the pot come to be large and enlargement, be content failure to replace the surface soil with the new and rich one.

Cleaning the leaves:

The spray mist is enough, if it is necessary you can clean leaves with a cloth or damp sponge. Don’t use shiny chemical substances.


Rooted the wooden cuttings in summer, Chinese Marshmallow with the yellow and orange colours are in the markets. The flowers of this plant only live for two days and if the humidity decrease the buds are falling down before opening. Mist sprayed prevent from this failure.


The appearance of many beautiful flowers in the next year is the result of pruning, at the end of the winter, decrease the length of the branches and the place of cut must be cover with Petrolatum and get clean and disinfection with sulfur in order to prevent the entry of pathogens.



Morning glory is known in the world with the scientific name of Ipomoea tricolor. This plant is in the groups of perennials from the family of Convolvulaceae and it is local in the tropical places, especially Mexico, center and the south of America and it is cultivating in the widespread regions of the world either.

This plant has the always green, shrub, continual, one year, winder and scaler spices. Trumpet flowers of it are growing in the half second part of summer and half first part of autumn.

Morning glory in the time of growing can have 2-4 meters tall and has ordered, screwed leaves that they are 3-7 centimeters with long petioles in 1.5 – 6 centimeters tall. The flowers are in the shape of the trumpet and have 4-9 centimeters diameter and they are mostly in the blue shape with golden yellow and white center.

Someone knows this plant because of the speed of growth and its prodigious seed production as the invasive weed.

As a today modern usage Morning glory is in the part of Ivy. As the flower of it is in the shape of Trumpet has blue hard pleasant or light red gentle color, in the high mood of freshness that they are open early morning and after some hours withered.


Morning Glory needs light and complete sun for flowering. This flower needs soil with appropriate humidity and drain. Of course, it can tolerate a little dryness of the soil either. Mild weather is appropriate for Morning Glory but it can grow in the tropical places either.


Morning Glory proliferation is possible through cultivate seeds of that in the spring or happened with semi-ripe wood or softwood cuttings in the summer. For training, this plant needs the completely bright place and Humus-rich soil that it has the appropriate drain. It needs protection for growing up. This plant watered every day in summer. The farmer must make the plant thin and make branches short in every spring. The appropriate weather for growing any kind of this plant is in between 0 – 10 °C.

Hallucinogenic properties

No part of Morning Glory must use as edible food. The seed of that usually has the Hallucinogen properties and they are known as Acid amide D-lysergic or LSA. Also, these seed has kinds of Glycoside that if the people consume it maybe they will feel Nausea.


Ziziphora is the name of one genus of plants from Lamiaceae family, it calls to narrow leave Thyme and it is mountain plant. This plant has the hot and spicy smell as same as mint, however, with its special aroma use both in cooking and traditional medicine. The smell of the Ziziphora is very similar to the Thyme and it is a little as same as Pennyroyal.

In Iran, there are fourth species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants of Ziziphora.

The consumable parts of this plant are as follow:

  • Aerial parts (leaves and flowers)
  • Essential oil of this plant has pulegon, Menton, iso menthone, menthol, Tannins, flavonoids and …

Properties of Ziziphora Plant

One nutritionist said Ziziphora plant is stomach tonic and antiseptic of the respiratory tract.

This nutritionist added Ziziphora plant is from the Mint family that is consuming for making yogurt and buttermilk tasty.

He said this plant is stomach tonic and disinfectants respiratory tract and it has the properties of Mint.

Ziziphora is as follow:

  • Warm and dry
  • Bactericidal
  • Mucus
  • Anti-colds
  • Intestine antiseptic

He added that the effectiveness of  Ziziphora plant is as same as Thyme. Thyme mostly consumes for the treatment of respiratory diseases but Ziziphora is often consumed for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea and cramps.

Properties of Ziziphora contain as to strengthen the body, sexual power, disinfectants, anti-flu, heart nourishing and…

The other names of this plant contain as follow:

  • Kakuteh
  • Pouneh Kouhi (Oregano)
  • Alafeh Kabk (Quebec Grass)
  • Ashtouya
  • Palang Moshk (Musk Leopard)

Some of the important medicinal properties of Ziziphora (Nature and Medicinal properties)

Medicinal properties of Ziziphora

The nature of Ziziphora is warm and dry. Properties of Ziziphora are very similar to the properties of Thyme, with this kind of change that Thyme mostly consumes for the respiratory diseases but Ziziphora is mostly consumed in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea and cramps.

Some of these properties of Ziziphora are as follow:

  • If it is consuming in the morning and evening instead of tea so it is coming to be profitable for bile.
  • Ziziphora is Carminative, Mucus and the reason of Menstruation happening.
  • Ziziphora is the amplifier of male sexual power.
  • One of the properties of Ziziphora is strengthened the body of the people whom they have the weak body. These people must consume from the Ziziphora in the bathroom. In this way that they must boil about 100 grams of the Ziziphora in 3 Liter of water then pour it in the tub and sitting inside.
  • Ziziphora in the two shapes of brewed or boiled are consuming for the treatment of Malta fever.
  • From the other properties of the Ziziphoar is making the stomach strengthening, if the people consume it about 1 hour after their food in the brewed shape.
  • Brewed shape of Ziziphora is good from preventing nose bleeding. Put the cotton impregnated to Ziziphora inside your nose.
  • Ziziphora plant is bactericidal, anti-flu, intestine antiseptic.
  • Ziziphora is the reason of absorption of food and it doesn’t have negative effects in the Iron of the Consumable food.
  • In Pakistan, Ziziphora use for the treatment of the Typhoid sickness.
  • Ziziphora is mostly consumed for the gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea and cramps and antispasmodic.
  • The plant of Ziziphora is very helpful to relieve of rheumatism and rickets and gargling decoction of Ziziphora is very effective in resolving Tonsil
  • It is a good beverage in summer to make the body cold.
  • Ziziphora harms (Lateral complications, contraindications, and caution items)
  • Consuming Ziziphora in the pregnancy period has affected in the absorption of iron.

Generally consuming Ziziphora must not be in the shapes of a lot and in a continuous way and it is better that refrain of consuming it after 6 days continuous consume, one day and after 3 weeks of consuming one week.

Another usages and properties of Ziziphora

Ziziphora plant is in the mountain parts of Iran (especially Kordestan) consuming as the spice in foods and in a wide applicability in baking Italian foods is the better alternative than Thyme.

From chopped leaves of Ziziphora people can consume as the taste of Dough. Shepherds and climbers collecting Ziziphora plants and prepare tea.

In Azerbaijan in spring season local people collecting this plant and add it to tea.  Also consuming the dry shape of Ziziphora in this region in the shape of powder is very common.

For preparing Ziziphora Tea:

Three times a day, and in every innings pour one teaspoon about 2-3 grams of Ziziphora powder in one cup of boiling water after Ten minutes smooth it and drink it after your food.


Silybum marianum with the scientific name of Silybum marianum or it is also known by the name of “Mari Tiqal” near the Iranian persons. The known names of this plant in the world contain as English names and Scots names of “milk thistle”, “marian thistle” or “mary thistle”.

This plant is in the rows of dicotyledonous plants, the row of Aster and Chicory family. The time of growing this plant takes about one year or in some kinds two years. It is growing by itself. Appearance contains flowers with red, purple colours and fades leaves. The colour of that is green willing to yellow with white veins.

Description and Appearance

During its growth period grows about 30-200 centimeters and has the conical shape. The bush is on average grows until 168-centimeter diameters. The stem is in the shape of cotton around itself and the most parts of this stem are free. The leaves are mostly in the shapes of rectangular or in the shapes of spear around itself and usually dissipates of that is in the shape of multiple or two leaves. The colorful flower heads are about 4-12 centimeters width.

This plant grows in the northern hemisphere from the June until the middle of September and in the Southern Hemisphere, you can find that from December until first of February. The seeds have the colour of dark green or in some strains it is black. The calyx of flower that the seeds are locating inside it has the yellowish colour.


The most abundant area that this plant grows there is the southeast coast of England( the most abundant point of Earth), Iran, north America, Australia and New Zealand. The farms that they built by man, are estimated for the raw material industrial and pharmaceutical consumers that they are located in the large areas in Austria(Valdvyrtl area), Germany, Hungary, Poland, China and Argentina and in the Europe regions implant this plant, do every year in the middle of the March-April annually and harvest them are happen about 2-3 weeks after flowering the plant in two levels (cutting and cleaning or threshing)in August. Seeds of this plant are one of the most important natural industry resources of Liver disease.

Silymarin material that is located in the seeds of this plant is one of the most effective antidotes also even for the cases of poisoning due to a fatal fungus of Amanita phalloides. The flowers also have the aesthetic use for decorating gardens and baskets.

Chemical mixture

The seed of Silybum marianum contains about 4-6 percents of Silymarin and the extract of this plant contains 65-80 percents of Silymarin and 20-35 percent of fatty acid. The Silymarin of this plant contains 7 types of Aflavnvlygnan(Silybin A type, Silibin B type, Izusylibin A type, Izusylibin B type, Sylykrystyn, IzoSylykrystyn and Silydianin) and one Taksyfvlyn (Construction of the yellow colour or flavonoids ).

Conducted clinical trials

Silybum marianum consumes of many sicknesses such as Liver and it is coping with cancer either. But it must be pointed out that science experiments about this plant were contradictory and inconsistent. In some of the experiments, Silymarin that is located in this plant and it is on a regular basis from 420 to 480-milligram prescription in 2 or 3 behests daily. As well as for certain diseases higher doses of this material have been prescribed for example daily 600 grams prescribed for a person with second types of diabetes that it had excellent and notable results and also 600-1200 grams amount of that prescribed for a person with C hepatitis that of course, it had not notable results.

The extract of the Silybum marianum plant with the extract of the Dandelion, consume to fix pale skin in a state of the hangover and also excrete toxins due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

Experimental observations

In the past times Silybum marianum in the China traditional medicine consume as a cleaner of inside, Detoxification, Softening liver and Tonic for the gallbladder. Although the therapeutic properties of this plant are still unknown, this plant prescribes in some of the cases for the Liver Diseases (Jaundice, cirrhosis, and hepatitis), scientific tests on the animals show that the Symilarin that is in this plant has Hpatvprtktyv property. This property is the reason of protection of Livre cell from poisons. The research organization about cancer of Iran in England said that: On the internet, you can find some cases that they told that the seeds of Silybum marianum help to decrease the speed of growing center cells inside the body, but there is not any kind of document to prove that.

Food use

Silybum marianum because of the medicinal properties of itself that it was proved in the past it was using for the people in around the world as food either.

The roots of this plant can be consumed in the both shapes of raw and sodden with Butter and or in the grilled shape, you can cut young branches of that until their roots and then boil them and consume. In the past, fresh barbed branches around the flowers of this plant ate as same as Artichoke. Also, the stems of this plant can be consumed after cleaning and be soak in the water for one night (for removing its bitter taste) in the stew.  The leaves of this plant can be consumed in the shapes that it must first of all be clean from the thistles and then use in the shape of alternative for Spinach or you can add the leaves to the salad and consume them.

Also, you can cut or wear away the stems or remove the thistle leaves around the flowers, remove the pink petals in the way that the seeds don’t  remove from them, the bowl of the flower with its seeds can be consumed in both shapes of boiled, raw or in the salad. Also, the people in the south of Iran (Garash, Laar regions,…) make the bowl of this flower and its seeds in the shape of pickles and consume.

This plant is toxic to animals

Because of the existence of the potassium nitrate in this plant, observed that eating of that is harmful to the flocks of cows and sheep. When this plant is eating by the ruminants the existence bacteria in the stomach of these animals break the chemical structures and it has the result of product ion nitrate. The ion nitrate change hemoglobin to the mthymvglobyn and it is preventing a transfer of the Oxygen. The result of these events is strangulation or asphyxia.

Side effects

Silybum marianum when they consume in the little amount they don’t have special effects but with the overdose of this plant you can see the special effects of that such as follow:

  • Skin allergy
  • Eczema
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • The weakening of the taste power
  • Sweat
  • Weakness

Also, Silybum marianum will decrease the blood glucose levels. So the people whom they have diabetes or low glucose have warnings about consuming such these plants. Consuming this plant for the people whom they are pregnant or Breastfeeding must be under caution. Silybum marianum in the past gave to the pregnant people to make their milk tonic but today base on the researches the people understands that eating this plant has sides effects for the consumer.

Drugs that they make from this plant

Following of researches about this plant, drugs were made and produce from them in the recent years. Most of these kinds of drugs are in the shapes of the capsule in different weights from 70-14- milligram, liquid extract, solution, or the newest produce of drug, is the compound of silybin fesfatydl colin.  Different researches on this compound show that this one is more effective than the natural ones because fesfatydl Colin that is one of the key components of the cell is the reason of entrance the syblin easier in the cellular environment.





Veneris plant with the scientific name of Adiantum capillus-Veneris is the name of one group of Parsiavashan plants that they grow in Iran. This genus is count in the groups of medicinal plants. This plant is in the perennial groups of plants of the Ferns category with the narrow stems and small leaves and it is growing in the warm and wet places.

Veneris plant has many medicinal properties. This plant has black, hard, slim and sleek branches with about 20 centimeters lengths and small leaves as same as the leaves of Coriander in the shape of slash. This plant doesn’t have stem, flower, fruit or seed. The plant has root with no valuable pharmaceutical value.

You can mostly find this plant in the parts that they have shadowed the places next to the old wells, ditches, and wet places.

Veneris plant has many medicinal properties that some of them are as follow:

  • Liver detoxification
  • Help to treat jaundice
  • Help to treat icterus
  • Help to stave off kidney stones easily

Some of the others properties of this plant are as follow:

  • It is useful forward off Bladder stones.
  • It is cure shortness of breath.
  • It relieves coughs and colds.
  • It is a diuretic.
  • It is treating inflammation of the throat
  • It is effective in the treatment of bronchitis.
  • Eating dry dust of this plant is useful for diarrhea.
  • Fuel poultice of this plant is operated to prevent hair loss and grow it.
  • It is Antipyretic.

How to prepare brewed Veneris plant?

  • To brewed this plant you must only use from its leaves.
  • Pour a cup of water on two teaspoons of dried Veneris leaves in one dish and if the leaves were fresh only pour one-fourth of a cup of water is enough.
  • When the mixture boil let it continue its boiling for five minutes in a slow mood.
  • Pour the mixture into a colander.
  • If you want that the mixture comes to be sweet pour a little honey. For the better taste, you can add some drops of Lime either.


  • Before use, this medicinal plant gives consult from your doctor.
  • Don’t use the brewed of Veneris plant always. You can use it for example for 10 days and after that wait for 5 days and then use it again.
  • Using the medicinal plants can have lateral complications so if you see any of them (complications) you must see your doctor as soon as possible.
  • Only take one cup of this brewed in a day unless the time that you catch acute diseases such as flu or influenza, that you can use 3 cups of it in the day for 4 days.

The Basil seed syrup is one of the traditional syrups of Iran that is mostly consumed in the hot season and cold shape.

Components of syrup are as follow:

  • Water
  • Basil seed
  • Sugar
  • Rosewater
  • Ice

You can add Saffron to above materials either.

Basil seed is actually seeds of Basil plant that because of the glazed component it is consuming in the shape of the solution in water (syrup). The glaze of these seeds after water absorption comes to be in the jelly shape that it can be used for thirst quenching.


Using from Basil seeds in the water is one of the best ways to lose weight. The Basil seed syrup in addition of quench the thirst is very well and effective for Keeping blood pressure in a balanced mood, losing weight relieving gastritis or the other digestive disorders.

Properties of the Basil Seed

Basil seed is the plant that it has automatic germination, annual and as same as the Basil but only it has very small leaves and seeds.

The stems of this plant are in the shape of the square and its flowers are willing to red and they are pink. This plant grows in the early of spring in mountain and deserts.

The seed of that is black transparent and when you pouring water immediately it creates batter modes and enamelled shape inside the water that is very slippery and the colour of that trends to the grow. A glaze of seeds after absorption water coming to be as same as Faloudeh (Iranian dessert). Basil seeds are actually the seeds of the Basil mountain plant that because of having glazed compounds it is using in the shapes of syrup (solubility in water). A glaze of these seeds after absorption of water become to be in the shapes of jellies that it can be consumed for thirst quenching. Basil seed has many properties and it is not in the way that it is only recommended for the hot seasons of the year.

The other names of this plant contain as follow:

  • Badrouj
  • Khorasani Torre
  • Auqymen
  • Houk
  • Boureng
  • Seryra
  • Badrouj Abiz

Basil seed make body thin

Consuming from Basil seed in the water solution is one of the best ways for losing weight. Gelatinous seeds of Basil seed without any calorie make persons for a long time in the satiate mood and instead of eating harmful drugs it is one of the best ways of losing appetite.

Fix respiratory diseases with Basil seed

  • These small black seeds have some properties. They are helpful for treatment of respiratory diseases.
  • The combination of Basil seed with honey and ginger is very effective in the treatment of asthma, coughs, colds, flu and bronchitis.

Other properties of Basil seed

  • Basil seed consumers for the treatment of digestive disorders such as stomach pain, bloating, constipation, indigestion and irregular bowel functions.
  • It will well person mood and it is fixing mental exhaustion, nervous tension, depression, migraine, hypochondria.
  • From the oil that is giving from chopping the seeds of syrup people using for the treatment of infections such as the wound, notch, bladder infection, skin infections and …
  • In China country using from Basil seed for the treatment of infections, stomach pain, snake bite, insects and lowering the body temperature.
  • As it has antispasmodic effect so it will treat a whooping cough.
  • It is very effective in thirst quenching.
  • The other problem that is very usual in all parts of the world right now is blood pressure that is come to be high usually after eating foods (especially foods full of starch) and if you eat Basil seed near food the starch materials little by little will free their glucose and in this way you will gradually have balanced energy in whole day.
  • Basil seed has many Protein, Iron, Potassium, and Calcium. However, the people whom they have the problem with absorption Calcium must know that one mineral material with the name of Boron in Basil seed is the reason of absorption Calcium and transfer it to bones.

Healing properties and Consumption method


Add Basil seed to the syrup that you like and drink it after about 2 minutes.

Strengthen the heart:

Pour Basil seed in the Eglantine or Musk willow extract and drink.

Strengthen the nerves:

Mix Basil seed with lemon balm extract and make it sweet with honey and drink. Do it 2,3 times in a day.

Shortness of a breath and dry cough:

Dissolve one teaspoon of Basil seed in warm water and drink it sipping.