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Botanic Palace Hotel

Grade: Four Stars Location: Gorgan Address: Gorgan botanic hotel, Across from the Nowdijeh village, Golestan- Kardkoy road, Gorgan Description:  Botanic Palace Hotel is one of the 4 star hotels in Gorgan which its exterior view stunning the eyes of the guests … Read More

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Gorgan Shahab Hotel

Grade: Four Stars Location: Gorgan Address: Naharkhoran Boulevard, Gorgan Description:  Shahab Gorgan Hotel is one of the best hotels in this city with good location. This hotel is located in Nahar Khoran Street; vicinity of the tourist forest area and 10 … Read More

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Gorgan Nahar Khoran Hotel

Grade: Three Stars Location: Gorgan Address: Nahar Khoran Forest Park, Nahar Khoran Blvd., Gorgan, Iran Description: In the unique road of Nahar Khoran, one of the three-star tourist hotels named Gorgan Tourist Nahar Khoran Hotel is ready to host the … Read More

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