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The Art of Inlaid Turquoise (Firoozeh-Koobi)

Inlaid turquoise is a kind of handicraft made by implanting small pieces of turquoise stone in mosaic fashion on the surface of the dishes, ornaments and decorative objects with copper, brass, silver or bronze bases. Turquoise Inlaying on Copper Turquoise … Read More

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Art of Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs: A Symbol of Iranian Originality

As mentioned in the introduction of the encyclopedia of the Iranian hand-woven carpet & Persian rugs: “Iran is known in the world for two distinguished things: poetry and carpet. In other words, Iranian taste and Iranians’ aesthetic taste has been … Read More

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Sewing Cahrouq Souvenir of Zanjan

Cahrouq is a traditional footwear that is prepared in several shapes such as follow: Lace Fasten by curtain All leather (Open back and Close back) Materials that they use in preparing such these footwear are such as follow: Golabatoun Yarn … Read More

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What are North Khorasan souvenirs?

North Khorasan souvenirs as same as souvenirs of the other parts of our country contain both eatable materials and handicrafts. One of the unique handicrafts of this region is the double-faced carpet that is one of the reasons that foreign … Read More

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Qorabieh Tabriz (Tabriz traditional Sweet)

Qorabieh is a kind of Tabriz traditional sweet that it can find in both Tabriz city and also East-Azerbaijan. This sweet is one of the special souvenirs of Tabriz city. The main consume material in this sweet is Almond and … Read More

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Ardebil traditional bread

One of the most famous souvenirs of Ardebil is Traditional bread that here is the recipe for this local bread. Ingredients: Local butter: 200 gram Flour: Only a little (for not sticking dough to hands) Sugar: Two glasses Milk: One … Read More

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What are the Khorramshahr souvenirs?

Kalicheh is one of the souvenirs of Khorramshahr that its reputation received to the countries on the other Side of the Persian Gulf. Khorramshahr is one of the cities in the South of Iran. These cities in the early Spring … Read More

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What are Orumieh Souvenirs?

Orumieh souvenirs are had many kinds of variety. Orumieh is one of the beautiful cities with the good weather which attracts many tourists, especially in summer. Near all these attractions the travelers are the worry for buying souvenirs for whom … Read More

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Sohan Qom - Qom souvenirs

Qom Souvenirs + Best Guide & Tips

In Qom province and more so in its rural areas handicrafts play an important part. Even though today it is to a lesser degree, but is still a means of earning a livelihood. The most important of these handicrafts are: … Read More

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What are the souvenirs of Shahrekord?

Shahrekord is the center of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province that has many natural attractions for the tourism and the tourism inside and outside the country love to see this beautiful location. For going to Shahrekord that is the highest city … Read More

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