What are Fooman Souvenirs?

What are Fooman Souvenirs?

local muffins

local muffins are Fooman Souvenirs and one of the thousand delicious sweets of Iran. The main ingredients of these muffins contain Flour, eggs, sugar, animal oil, cinnamon, vanilla, Jos and cardamom brain.

From the souvenirs of Fooman instead of appreciating muffins we can point to the Silk, Khoshkar string, Tea, Rice, Smoked fish, Salted fish, Pickled garlic, Seven Bijar, Lakou (a kind of bread made of brass), and a variety of crafts such as Masouleh Dolls.

Fooman Silk

Hitherto 30 tons of silk harvested in Fooman. Currently, 740 persons are engaged to profession sericulture in the Fooman city.