Namarestan Plain is the name of mountain origin which is located in the Larijan part of Amol city of Mazandaran province in Iran. Namarestan has very cold weather in summer. The position of this place is very appropriate in compare with the other neighboring villages in the foothills of Damavand.

Plain and inclined waterfall of Kuhreh Deryuk in the Namarestan origin in the 40 Kilometers of Amol is one of the most beautiful summering of beautiful part of Alborz that it has spectacular sceneries, in another word after passing two, third of Haraz way in the heart of Central Alborz, you will arrive at the place with the name of  Panjab two ways. After about one-hour hiking from Namarestan village,   you will arrive at Deryuk plain that even it is a small one but very visited able either, and a little after that you will arrive at the Deryuk waterfall.

A vast plain with a high waterfall that is the Earth’s tallest waterfalls of  Iran and the beautiful nature for tourists and mountaineers.

The other attractions of this area are as follow:

  • Spas
  • Forty Springs
  • Lahra spring
  • White Plains

From the other natural resources of this origin, we can point to the high plain and base mountains of it.

The beautiful waterfall is located in the Southern of Namar village and in the middle of the East valley of  Daryuk and it has about 100 meters height. The Namar accessory way in the middle of two villages of two rivers and Kahroud from the West part of Haraz way separated from the place of  3 ways of Panjab and pass from the middle of scenic and green valley with the length of 25 Kilometers.

The best time for going is in the early of June until the early of October.

The best way to go to this summering is from the Haraz way, 40 Kilometers in the South of Amol to the East and after that passing asphalted way with the length of 18 Kilometers until the Namaz village.

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