Off Road Tours

Off Road or driving out of road dates back to rally matches. Participants welcome from some matches in mud, desert and mountains paths led to its boom and tourist attention which created a new kind of tourism. In Off Road tour applied from 4WD and need to car unique abilities like vigor, speed and ability of maintain balance. It’s important mention to professional driver as a key elements to have safe and enjoyable travel.

According to potential of this tours in Iran, youth have turned to the Off Road Tours so that in first half of year targeted areas like wetlands, national parks, mountain areas, jungles and impassable ways.

In second half of year, targeted Iran charming deserts in addition to the listed areas. Desert Off Road creates a memorable experience for tourist or it’s better to say adventure tourists.



In Desert Heart

In Desert Heart tour is one of the famous off road tour for domestic and inbound tourists visit desert and its attractions. This Journey starts from Tehran and Continue to Central Desert.