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Persian Rugs: A Symbol of Iranian Originality

As mentioned in the introduction of the encyclopedia of the Iranian hand-woven carpet & Persian rugs: “Iran is known in the world for two distinguished things: poetry and carpet. In other words, Iranian taste and Iranians’ aesthetic taste has been … Read More

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Gabbeh Fars

Gabbeh or the rug is the kind of carpet with another gender that is usually weaving in the small shape and by the hands of Lor and Qashqai nomads. Early humans used of the skin of animals as their ground … Read More

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Ancient Iranian Ceramics

Some 3,000 years ago, in the area south of the Caspian Sea in what is now modern Iran, craftsmen developed a distinctive type of pottery. This small installation features some of the outstanding treasures in the Sackler Gallery’s collection of … Read More

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