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Shiraz Parsian Hotel

Grade:  4 Stars, Grade C Location: Shiraz Address: Parsian Hotel, Roudaki St, Zand Street, Shiraz Description: Shiraz Parsian Hotel is a four star hotel, offers guest the best location in the city to visit all of the historical sites and bazaars. … Read More

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Shiraz Chamran Grand Hotel

Grade:  5 Stars, Grade Location: Shiraz Address: Chamran Grand Hotel, Chamran Boulevard, Shiraz Description: Shiraz Chamran Grand Hotel Has been located in the most beautiful region of Shiraz City.This luxurious and beautiful hotel uses modern devices and technology to meet the … Read More

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Shiraz Aryo Barzan Hotel

Full Name: Shiraz Aryo Barzan Hotel Grade:  Three Stars, Grade T Location: Fars Address: Aryo Barzan Hotel, Roudaki Street, Shiraz Description: In the center of Shiraz close to the interesting places of Shiraz such as Zandiyeh, Hafeziyeh, Saadiyeh, Shahcheragh, Eram Garden and … Read More

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Shiraz Parseh Hotel

Grade:  4 Stars, Grade C Location: Shiraz Address:  Description: Close to Zandiyeh complex (Karimkhan Citadel, Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque) in the city center of Shiraz, there is a four-star hotel named Shiraz Parseh Hotel with complete facilities ready … Read More

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Shiraz Homa Hotel

Grade:  5 Stars, Grade Location: Shiraz Address: Homa Hotel, Next To Azadi Park, Meshkin Fam Street, Shiraz Description: This hotel provides the travelers with facilities of a luxurious trade hotel combined with facilities of a luxurious recreational hotel. Shiraz Homa Hotel … Read More

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Shiraz Niayesh Hotel

Grade: 4 Stars, Grade Location: Shiraz Address: N 10, Shahzadeh Jamali Alley, Kalantari Abbasi Alley, Namazi T Way, Shiraz, Iran Description: Shiraz Niayesh Boutique Hotel is located in a historical and cultural region of Shiraz the city of literature, culture and … Read More

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Shiraz Grand Hotel

Grade:  5 Stars, Grade Location: Shiraz Address: Shiraz Grand Hotel, Quran Gate, Shiraz Description: Shiraz Grand Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Shiraz and maybe in Iran is prepared now and ready to receive guests with its extremely suitable … Read More

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Shiraz Elysee Hotel

Grade:  4 Stars, Grade T Location: Fars Address: N 20, Pezeshkan Street, Maali Abad Boulevard, Shiraz Description: Elysee Hotel with the concept of “New Class of Hospitality” in mind, a hotel which enhances both the quality of accommodation and traveling experiences … Read More

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Shiraz Pars hotel

Full Name: Shiraz Pars hotel Grade:  5 Stars, Grade B Location: Fars Address: Pars International Hotel, Felestin Street, Karimkhan Zand Boulevard, Shiraz Description: Five-star Shiraz Pars Hotel located in the central district of Shiraz is consisted of two buildings and 13 floors … Read More

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