Along with Mehrabad International Airport, IKIA is one of the two major commercial airports serving Tehran and the busiest international air passenger gateway to Iran

Under the present conditions, the airport is unable to host more travelers

Poor accessibility, lack of facilities such as easy transportation services and quality restrooms, no trace of Iranian art and culture, and absence of handicraft booths have been identified as the most visible shortcomings of Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport.

According to a report by the Persian-language newspaper Donya-e-Eqtesad, a sister publication of the Financial Tribune, the airport also does not offer a suitable image of Tehran’s tourism potential and is in dire need of modifications. In many countries airports and airline lounges normally offer free or reduced cost food and beverages. Lounges themselves typically have seating, showers, quiet areas, televisions, computer, Wi-fi and Internet access, and power outlets that passengers may use for their electronic equipment.

IKIA lacks most of these services. However, it hosts foreign tourists and contributes to domestic tourism in some small manner. It hosted over 300 daily flights, which transferred some 8 million domestic and foreign passengers, in 2016.

In addition, during the 2011-15 period, the number of foreign travelers rose from 257,404 to 757,551, marking an increase of 66%, while no additional facilities or logistical services have been added to the complex.

When it comes to attracting foreign tourists, the rise in the number of travelers has been much lower compared to other regional major airports.

This is due largely to IKIA’s poor technical facilities, services, interior design and lack of direction signs, which passengers consider as the airport’s major drawbacks.

“Under the present conditions, the airport is simply unable to host more travelers,” a manager of a private travel agency said on the condition he not be named

Iran’s ultimate goal is to draw 20 million foreign tourists annually by 2025. However, with only eight years to go and in view of the current tourism situation, the target appears to be very ambitious.

A serious inspection of annexed buildings, utilities and facilities is the least officials can and must do to revamp the airport.

Also known as Tehran-IKIA or IKIA, the Imam Khomeini airport is the main international airport in Iran 30 kilometers southwest of Tehran.

Along with Mehrabad International Airport, it is one of the two major commercial airports serving Tehran and the busiest international air passenger gateway to Iran.

It serves international destinations in Asia and Europe. This is while domestic flights in and out of Tehran, as well as the hajj flights, are operated by Mehrabad Airport.

The airport features one passenger terminal, two parallel runways and several logistics and maintenance facilities.

Operated by Iran Airports Company, it is one of the home bases of Iran Air, Meraj Airlines, Mahan Air, Iran Aseman Airlines, Qeshm Airlines, Taban Air and Zagros Airlines.


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  1. Platiom

    I was in Tehran and international Airport was excellent. I had a good flight experience. Thank you

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