Torshi Bamieh (Okra pickle)

Torshi Bamieh (Okra pickle)


Fresh Okra: 1 kilogram.

Fresh red pepper or dried type: 3 numbers.

Dried dill: 3 teaspoons.

Water: 2 cups.

White or red vinegar: 2 cups.

Salt: 2 tablespoons.

Garlic: 4 big cloves.


How to prepare Okra pickle?

  1. Wash okras.
  2. Cut stems of Okras (cut them little until the slimy liquid of the Okras doesn’t come out and don’t make pickle in slipping mode).
  3. Put the Okras on the clean cloth and let them be dry.
  4. Pour okras with dry dill, garlic, and pepper in some clean and dry glass containers.
  5. Pour vinegar, water, and salt in the small pot and put them on the heat. When the fluid boiling pours it in the glass containers on Okras.
  6. Let the glass containers come to be completely cool then close their door and put them in the refrigerator until the pickle come to be complete.

Okra pickle is ready after 2 weeks.



This kind of Okra pickle order is because of having the equal amount of vinegar and water has the mild taste. If you like to have far more bitter pickle delete water and only pour vinegar.  If you don’t like Okra brittleness you can boil it before pouring it into the glass container. At the end pour it down the drain and let it to be dry and after come to be cool consume it.

You can pour garlic in the glass container of pickle base on your taste in both shapes of chopped and complete garlic.