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2018 & 2019
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In Treasures of Persia we are going to visit the treasures of Iran on a 15 day Trip. We move from Tehran to the central cities of Iran with rich architecture and art. Then we go to one of the most beautiful deserts of Iran in the heart of the central desert and from there to Yazd. The next city that we visit will be a city with memories of 2500 years old and poetry and flowers. Then we go to Shushtar to get acquainted with the history of Iran’s civilization. In the end, we go to Hamadan and then return to Tehran.

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Destinations & Attractions


Fatima Shrine


Fin Garden, Tabatabaei and Boroujerdi historical Houses, Aqa Bozorg Mosque, Nush Abad Underground City


Sio Se Pol, Khaju Bridge, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace, Music Museum, Nain Jame Mosque


Mesr Desert, Garmeh Village


Meybod, Zoroastrian’s Tower of Silence, Yazd Fire Temple, Dowlat Abad Garden, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Saheb Al Zaman Zoorkhaneh, Chak Chak


Pasargadae, Perspolis, Naghsh-e Rostam, Hafez Tomb, Sa’di Tomb, Vakil Historical Complex, Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque


Shushtar historical hydraulic system


Choqa Zanbil, Tomb of Daniel


Alisadr Cave


Golestan Palace, Jeweler Museum


Day1: Tehran-Qom-Kashan

We will welcome you in Tehran Airport and you will be transferred to Qom to visit Fatima Shrine, she was the sister of the eighth Imam Reza and the daughter of the seventh Imam. We will continue our way to Kashan, Check in the hotel and take a rest. O/N Kashan

Day 2:Kashan

We will have a full day in Kashan so we start sightseeing by visiting Fin Garden (WHS) a lush garden renowned as being the very epitome of the Persian garden. Then we will visit Tabatabaei historical house and Broujerdi traditional house.  We will end our Kashan sightseeing by taking a visit from Agha Bozorg Mosque, The historical mosque, built in the late 18th century, is famous for its precise, symmetric architecture and attractive appearance. O/N Kashan

Day 3: Kashan-Nush Abad- Isfahan

First we will move to North of Kashan to visit Nooshabad Underground City, an extensive, 1,500-year-old underground city, set between 3 to 18 meters deep. We will leave Nushabad to Isfahan , arriving Isfahan we will move to see 33 Pol which literally means 33 arches is abridge highly ranked as being one of the most famous examples of Safavid bridge design. Then visit another well-known bridge over Zayandeh Rood River called Khaju Bridge. O/N Isfahan

Day 4: Isfahan

We begin our journey through Isfahan by visiting Meidan-e-Emam (Naghsh-e-Jahan) (WHS) Square which is an oblong-shaped square built in Safavid era. The monuments surrounding the square are named The Pavilion of Ali-Qapu PalaceSheikh Lotfollah Mosque and Abbasi Great Mosque situated on the south side of the square. You can spend time there and enjoy shopping in bazaar around of square. Next place to visit is Music Museum, a love letter to Iran’s rich musical heritage. O/N Isfahan

Day 5: Isfahan- Nain-Mesr Desert

Today we will leave Isfahan to Mesr Desert, the first stop en route will be in Nain to visit Nain Jame Mosque situated in the old texture of the city. The Mosque was built after the Mohamad’s Mosque in Medina. O/N Mesr Desert – Local house

Day 6: Mesr Desert- Garmeh- Meybod- Yazd

Time to leave the desert to Yazd, En route we will have a stop in Garmeh village , Surrounded by date palms clustered around a small warm-water spring clouded with fish. Then we will have another stop in Meybod, the first must-see monument in Meybod is Shah-Abbasi Caravanserai built in Safavid era. Now it is time to visit Mud-Brick Ice house, which has a shaped of an up-side down cone which has a subterranean storage space. Continue our journey to Yazd and check in the hotel to have a rest. O/N Yazd

Day 7: Yazd

We will have a full day in Yazd so start sightseeing by visiting Zoroastrian’s Tower of Silence . Next we have the chance to visit Yazd Fire-Temple, a place of worship for Zoroastrians. We continue our sightseeing in Yazd by visiting Dowlat Abad Garden (WHS) which is renown all across the globe due to its tallest wind tower of the world. Here we will visit Amir Chakhmakh Complex.We will end our day by taking visit from Saheb Al Zaman (Panj Badgiri) Zurkhaneh. O/N Yazd

Day 8: Yazd- Chak Chak- Pasargadae-Shiraz

Today we will leave Yazd to Shiraz, first we will move to Pir-e-Sabz, also called Chak-Chak. Sabz means green and the alternative name, Chak-Chak, is said to be derived from the sound of dripping water in the cave which contains the shrine. We continue our journey, driving to the history of ancient Persia by visiting Pasargadae, the capital of the Achaemenid Empire under Cyrus the Great who had issued its construction; it was also the location of his tomb. O/N

Day 9: Shiraz

In the morning, you will open your eyes to a majestic city; Shiraz. After being served with a tasteful and delicious breakfast, your exiting tour will begin; we will have an excursion to visit Persepolis (WHS), a complex accommodating a cluster of palaces. Afterwards we will visit Naghsh-e-Rustam which is an Ancient Necropolis. We will call it a day by Hafez Tomb and Sa’di Tomb two of the most prominent poets of Iran. O/N Shiraz

Day 10: Shiraz-Shushtar

Morning we move on to enjoy the fabulous architecture of Vakil Mosque and Vakil Bath admire the beauty of carpets, rugs, and woven handicrafts found in Vakil Bazaar, then we get to Moshir Saray a traditional Bazaar. Then you will be taken to see Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, a master piece of innovation and creation.

Day 11: Shushtar

In the morning we will have a visit of Shushtar historical hydraulic system (WHS), inscribed as a masterpiece of creative genius, can be traced back to Darius the Great in the 5th century B.C. It involved the creation of two main diversion canals on the river Karun one of which, Gargar canal, is still in use providing water to the city of Shushtar via a series of tunnels that supply water to mills. O/N Shushtar

Day 12: Shushtar-Susa-Hamedan

We will leave Shushtar to Hamedan, En route have a stop in Chogha-Zanbil, the ziggurat built by Untash Gal, King of Elam, and the next stop will be in   Susa (Shush) which is one of the oldest cities in the world. It was also the favorite residence of the Persian king Darius to visit. Nearby we will visit Tomb of Daniel, the traditional burial place of the biblical prophet Daniel. We will continue our trip to Hamedan, arriving check in the hotel and take a rest. O/N Hamedan

Day 13: Hamedan-Tehran

It’s time to leave Hamedan to Tehran. First we will move to Alisadr Cave, one of the most amazing caves in the world. Then we will drive to Tehran and check in to hotel to have a rest. O/N Tehran

Day 14: Tehran

Today is the last day in Tehran. First place to go will be Golestan Palace (WHS), one of the oldest of the historic monuments in Tehran. As the last sightseeing in Iran we will move to Jeweler Museum. Here is the most dazzling collection of gemstones and jewelry known in the world. Now the most spectacular objects have been placed on public display and form one of the country’s principal tourist attractions. O/N Tehran

Day 15: Tehran -Departure

hours before your flight, you will be transferred to the Airport for Departure. Iran is a kind of place that you cannot get enough of it and to appreciate its beauty thoroughly in such few days is not possible. Therefore, until next time we will have the honor to host you here in Iran take care and enjoy your flight.

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