Whitewater Waterfalls

Whitewater is one of the waterfalls of Aligudarz city of Lorestan province. This waterfall is known as beautiful bride of waterfalls of Iran. The waterfall is located in the southeast of the province and in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains , besides high Qali mountain in The Zolqi Besharat part of Aligudarz province. It is possible to access to it by road from the Aligudarz city. The water comes from the tunnel in the middle of a rocky mountain. Whitewater cascade height is 70 meters and in high water season, a width of the crest of  it is about 8 meters. This cascade joins to Rudbar Lorestan river and finally pours to Dez. This waterfall known as White waterfall because the water of it is mixed with air and then hit the rock and make bubbles. This waterfall is located in the dark valleys of its geological activity and erosion caused by water in a few thousand years.

Vark Waterfall

Vark cascade is located in the West Nojian Col, in the part of  Papal in the southeast of Khorramabad is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of  Iran. It has 60 Kilometers distance to Khoramabad. The source of  Waterfall is the rocky cliff and it is collapsed after about 15 meters pass away from the cliff and it makes the second waterfall. Vark waterfall is located near the Nojian waterfall. In the water deficit season, you can see one of the most beautiful views with the 7-meter heights and 15/5 meters width of the first part and 15.5 meters height and 5/56 meters width of the second part in this part. The maximum height of it is 57 m and it covers 50 meters width. Around this waterfall is full of oak, pear and hawthorn trees.

Warg waterfall

Warg waterfall is located in the village with this name in  the southernmost area of Aligudarz city. The waterfall has the plentiful amount of water and after it source from the lake in the source of the rocky mountain, it makes the first waterfall. It will fall down from the second rock after pass about 15 meters and pours to the Roudbar river of Lorestan.Warg altitude is 1,320 meters above sea level. This waterfall is in the list of twin models waterfalls. Access to this cascade is very difficult in the way that from Aligudarz you must go to the Scholl Abad road and then from there go to Bznvyd village by car and then arrived at  Dastgerd village. After all, you must continue your way by walk. Warg remains as untapped area and the people of this location is Semi-nomadic yet and it means that in the hot season they will go to the high locations near themselves. Warg cascade scenic view captivates of the viewer. One of its properties is that during the passage of the main waterfall small waterfalls and beautiful present can be seen that each of them has its own look and features. These areas are relatively “warm and  with vegetation and forest (mainly “Oak) is awesome landscapes in the heart of itself. One of another unique feature of this area is border neighborhood of it with three provinces of our country, Isfahan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari and Khuzestan Provinces. The maximum height of the waterfall Warg is 57 meters and it has also 50 m width that the first waterfall in the drought season has 7 meters with 12 meters width and the second waterfall has 15/5 meters with 5/56 meters width.

Afrineh Waterfall

Afarineh waterfall is wide and filled with water in the Afarineh village in a normal part of  Poldokhtar city in the Lorestan province which originates of it is located with 38 km distance from south of  Khoramabad and it is formed by the confluence of the wink and Afrineh rivers. Afarineh waterfall at the end pours to the Kahkan river.

Tough Waterfall

This village is located in the 2 km West of the Pir Emam village  and in the neighboring of SARTANG Barzeh village in Zaz and Mahru District of city functions of  Aligudarz from Lorestan province. This waterfall due to the  remoteness is not known.  To access to this cascade you could be there to the axis of Aligudarz Scholl Abad sub-Pir Emam. This was staircase  cascade of waterfalls and it is formed from 3 steps. The total height of the waterfall is about 800 meters. Although this waterfall has water all year round, but the amount of water in other seasons of the year except late winter and spring so low that in some ways it can be placed on the list of Lorestan seasonal waterfalls; it is possible that by siphoning of permanent sources that they are located near the falls, the waterfall has dramatically increased the volume of water outlet and become permanent.

Chakan Waterfall

This waterfall is one of the Aligudarz waterfalls that has 30 Meters height and the crown width of it is 4 meters in the southeastern of Lorestan province and in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains in the city Aligudarz  overlooking of  the dropper valley and it is located near the Hussain Abad and Dhqady village . This waterfall is located in the Scholl Abad area.


This water then after passing the way to the Chakan plains, it will connect to the Dasar spring water and make Chakan river. Chakan river after pass the short way will connect to Dahqady water and at the end they will enter to the Zaz river. Chakan waterfall comes out from within a overlooking the farmland Chakan cave that eruption of that has ten meters length. Around of  waterfall and along the river cover with walnut, oak and pear trees and the locals also use its water for agricultural purposes . Mountains surrounding Cascade are habitat for birds such as the nightingale, partridge, pigeon and wild animals such as bears, leopards, wolves and wild boar.

Access path

Access to the waterfall is possible through the Scholl abad to Aligudarz. The best way to see it Chakan waterfall is through the Scholl Abad, the spring and Mvrzryn roads. Other ways that they are asphalted are through Khorramabad, Sepiddasht, and Scholl Abad.

Serkane waterfall

Serkane waterfall or Seven Springs fall located in 50 kilometers South-East of Khorramabad. The height of the waterfall is 15 meters and width of  it is 17 meters. The herbal covering around the waterfall the oak trees, berries, and grapes can be noted. Serkanh is the 75th national natural waterfall effect that is in 15 Persian dates Mehr 1388 by the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran was located on the list of natural heritage.

Golhou waterfall

Golhou cascade or Ka ka Reza waterfall is a waterfall that is located in Ka ka Reza village in Lorestan province. This waterfall is located in 35 Kilometers of the north of Khorramabad in the valley among the oak trees and fields of legumes and cereals.

This waterfall has about 20 meters height.

The name of the waterfall is contained from two words of  Gol and hou that is in the Pahlavi language means good. The meaning of the name of the waterfall is the place of good flowers.

Bisheh waterfall

Bisheh is one of the Lorestan province waterfalls that is located at the heart of the Zagros Mountains in the first of  Khorramabad province and the only access to this waterfall is from the asphalted way of  Khorramabad province and it has 50 Kilometers distance to Khorramabad and by railway, to Dorud city it is about 35 kilometers . Bisheh waterfall is forty-eighth national effect that is on 27 March 1387 put in the list of the natural heritage of  Iran by Cultural Heritage Organization .


This waterfall with the beautiful perspective is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of  Iran. The waterfall has forty-eight meters height to the point of impact with the ground and ten meters from there to the connection to Caesar river.  Caesar crest width is 20 meters. At the top of the waterfall, the opposite of the station is filled with numerous water springs that can be seen that make Bisheh waterfall after pass train station. Due to the proximity of the waterfall with several beautiful sets such as the vast forests of oak,  Bisheh village and perspective of  Bisheh landscape  of railway station  it can be considered as a good tourist area.

Bisheh Village

Bisheh waterfall is located in the Bisheh village. The people of this village speaking in the language of Lori-Bakhtiari and Lori-Khorramabadi.

Access path

  1. The only way to access to this waterfall by car is from Khorramabad province that has must pass about fifty Kilometers.
  2. By train and from the Doroud railway to Sepid dasht it has thirty- five-minute distance to Doroud city.

Qoslgah waterfall

This waterfall has fifteen kilometers distance to the Nour abad of Lorestan province with seven meters height.  This waterfall has the pond with an area of  thirty Square meters at the bottom in past. It usually lasts until the middle of the summer and after that, it is not going but the water of  the well which is located next to the pool it is almost current in all the seasons. In recent years a number of the waterfall to find the treasure , dig by smugglers of antiquities and it has changed the natural landscape and ponds filled with stones and soil .

Nozhian waterfall

The Nozhian waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls of Iran that is located in Lorestan province. The waterfall is located in 38 km southeast of Khorramabad with the height of ninety-five meters and  the crown width of five meters. Nozhian is forty-ninth waterfall national effect that is located on natural heritage list by Cultural Heritage Organization on 27 March 1387.


Forest Resort of  Nojian is located on the top of  the Tough mountain. All kinds of medicinal herbs are grown in Tough mountain and it has beautiful natural. Lots of people and tourists come to this area to watch the waterfall and collect medicinal plants. The way of  connection to Nojian is from Khorramabad to the ghat Nojian asphalted road or from the railway to the country station and after that, it has about two hours hiking to the waterfall.

Access path

To access to this waterfall you can go from the Aligoudarz way to Scholl abad. The best way to arrive at Chakan waterfall is from Scholl abad , Shouseh Mourzin, and Bahar kar ways.  The other way that is asphalt is from Scholl abad, Sepid dasht, and Khorram abad.

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