What are Kerman Souvenirs?

What are Kerman Souvenirs?

Kerman has very versatile souvenirs and they are attractive for all travelers. The variety of  souvenirs in Kerman satisfy every taste with every financial ability and no one back to his/her city with empty hands. Those who have traveled to this city know that cannot easily pass along Kerman souvenirs.

As same as the other provinces of  Iran Kerman souvenirs has two parts: The first part is for those who are the artist it means the Kerman crafts and the second part is the tasty and amazing food of  Kerman that  enamored to its own. Kerman Kolompeh, Kerman Cumin, Kerman Qaout, Kerman Distillates, Sahn Komach, Date of  Bam

are some of  the most popular souvenirs of  Kerman that dating back to many  years ago in Kerman city. To prepare the best kinds of souvenirs to go to the traditional bazaar of Kerman.

Some of Kerman souvenirs are as follow:

  • Rafsanjan Pistachio
  • Samanoo
  • Bereshtuk
  • Meskhetian Turks Sirjan
  • Zarand Sohan
  • Henna
  • Cedar
  • Tragacanth

Kerman Kolompeh

Kolompeh is the unique sweet of Kerman that if you try it once you will never forget the wonderful taste of it. The history of  Kolompeh production is back to several years ago, and the traditional method  of procurement was as follow:

From the animal fats and produced palm of Kerman, cooking this sweet on the firewood . But the production of them are today is in the industrial workshops. Kolompeh in appearance in similar to the pancake and the only difference is inside it is filled with dates and dry goods.

To prepare Kolompeh in addition to flour and oil, herbs, walnuts and other nuts are used. The tasty Klmph is the one that flavored with nuts. Kolompeh because of having low-sugar and sweet dates  nectar is harmless than the other products of Kerman.

The desirable Kolompeh are those who have become the most roasting.

Kerman Cumin

Kerman relatively dry weather has provided fertile ground for cultivating of cumin. By surfing around Kerman and its deserts maybe you feel the smell of cumin. Kerman province from the past was a major supplier of cumin in Iran and in most of the times when you hear the name of cumin after that you will hear the name of  Kerman . There are also multiplying and proverbs and legends that show Kerman in producing cumin from the past. Cumin can be poured on rice or it can brew even you can bake foods and also use in the production of herbal medicines by cumin.

Among the health benefits of cumin the following can be noted:

  • Cumin has hot tempers
  • Energy Providers
  • digesting
  • carminative
  •  relieve indigestion

Kerman Qaout

Qaout that in Kermanians slang called Qovatu is a specific Kerman sweet that made by Kerman people from the ancient time. It is a combination of several plants together that according to each type of combination it has its own name. For example, Forty-plant Qovatu is the combination of seeds of plants such as Black seeds, Purslane , Coffee, Flax , Hemp, and Case.

One kind of Qaute is the combination of chickpeas, coconut, and sugar and in the other types of Qaute pease and another thing such as pistachio change the place and new combinations with new properties arise. Finally, brown combine of powder is obtained, and as the name of it implies it is very nourishing for the body.

Some kinds of  Qaout are as follow:

  • Poppy
  • Pistachio
  • Coconut
  • Peas

and …

The combination of these plants will cause cancel effects of each other harmful and create an extraordinary combination together.

Because Qovatou is the combination of seed oil so it is a rich source of omega 3 and 6, Vitamins E, B, D, natural antioxidants, iron, phosphorus and calcium. It is also warm fuzzies and relaxing. Its use is recommended for athletes and pregnant women. However, do not forget this delicious pastry.

Kerman Distillates

Kerman people have the certain belief to herbal remedy and distillates and you can find a variety of distillates and rose water in abundant mode produced in Kerman.  Laleh Zar  village is a beautiful village on the thousands hillside of Kerman. Laleh Zar has a reputation in the field of flowers. The flowers are produced organically and are taken without the use of pesticides. Laleh Zar Rose water is in  competition with Kashan Qamsar Rosewater. Also, the tulips oil is an export product. You can get from Kerman : Rose water, Peppermint, Caraway sweat, Hips tincture, Musk willow sweat.


Kerman Date

The date is one of the first products that from the first have been used by humans.  In many areas of southern of Iran, you can see palm trees. Kerman province in Iran is the known producer of date. Bam is one of the cities in the kerman province that produce the best date of  Iran. Dates are very nutritious and it is rich in vitamins A, B, Phosphorus, calcium, manganese, fiber, iron and minerals. Also, palm sugar is harmless and it is useful for the human body. Fresh or dried dates will be available.

Two desirable palms of  Bam are Mazafati and Bozmani dates. From the, characterizes of  Mazafati dates are fair skin and brown color and it is the most delicious and popular international dates in the world.

Kerman Sahn Komach

One of the other traditional sweets in Kerman is Sahn Komach sweet. This sweet is nourishing and energetic. The main ingredients to prepare Sahn Komach are wheat flour, Sahn Flour (wheat germ flour). Put Dates , walnut, and special spices in between two layers of dough and at the end obtained the delicious pastries. Because dates are the natural sweetness of this product so it is very reinforcement.