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Yazd Fazeli Hotel

Grade: Three Star Location: Yazd Address: Fazeli Traditional Hotel, Vaqt Va Saat Square, Jame Mosque Street, Imam Khomeyni Street, Yazd Description: Yazd Fazeli Hotel is a historic house dating back to the Safavid era and lived up to the Pahlavi era. Finally, … Read More

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Yazd Fahadan Museum Hotel

Grade: Four Star Location: Yazd Address: Across from Alexander Prison, Fahadan, Yazd Description: Yazd Fahadan Museum Hotel is located in the heart of Yazd’s historic texture; Fahadan neighborhood.  The hotel overlooks the Alexander prison, Davazdah Imam Mausoleum and other Yazd attractions, … Read More

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Yazd Zanbagh Hotel

Grade: Four Star Location: Yazd Address: Zanbagh Hotel, Nirogah Alley, Jomhoori Boulevard, Yazd Description: Yazd Zanbagh Hotel was established at the entrance of the city in 2011. This hotel has 30 rooms and 2 suites equipped. The Dowlat Abad Garden and the … Read More

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Yazd Rahoma Hotel

Grade: Four Star Location: Yazd Address: Across from Shahid Sadughi Hospital, Ibne Sina Blvd, Riazi Square, safaeiye, Yazd Description: Yazd Rahoma Hotel is one of the new hotels in the city opened in 2017. This 4 star hotel is located outside … Read More

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Yazd Malek Al-Tojar Hotel

Grade: Four Star Location: Yazd Address: Malek Al-Tojar Hotel, Panje Ali Bazzar, Qiyam Ave, Imam Street, Yazd Description: Yazd Malek Al-Tojar Hotel is one of the traditional houses of this city and has belonged to Haj Ali Asker Shirazi; a Yazd merchant. … Read More

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Yazd Arg-E Jadid Hotel

Grade: Four Star Location: Yazd Address: Next to Mehravaraan Park, Monajat Blvd, Ashrafan Blvd, Yazd Description: Yazd Arg-e Jadid Hotel is opend in 2014 and located near the Zoroastrian Tower of silence; opposite of international exhibition. This 4 star hotel … Read More

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Yazd Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel

Grade: Four Stars Location: Yazd Address: Bagh Moshir Garden Hotel, Enghelab Street, Moshir Boulevard, Yazd Description: The Yazd Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel is the first Iranian garden-hotel built by Mirza Fathollah Moshiralmmalek in Qajar dynasty. This hotel is a historic home … Read More

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Yazd Dad Hotel

Grade: Four Stars Location: Yazd Address: Number 214, 10th farvardin Street, Shahid Beheshti Square, Yazd Description: The Yazd Dad 4 star hotel was established by Abdul Khalegh Dad about 80 years ago in 1928, with the use of the courier and … Read More

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Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel

Grade: Five Stars, Grade A Location: Yazd Address: Timsar Fallahi St., Abouzar Square, Safaeiyeh, Yazd, Iran Description: Yazd Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel is one of the most attractive hotels in Yazd and Iran. This hotel is built in a district of Yazd … Read More

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