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Five Stars

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Khorasan Razavi

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Next to the Sound and Vision Garden -Shahid Kalantari Highway - mashhad


In Mashhad Pardisan Hotel, You can use the room and off delay – all of these benefits is designed to make your stay in our portfolio better and more memorable.
1) reserve room or delivered to the cardholder is subject to a rather empty, empty room 12 and room 15 hours of delivery.
2) only if the Office of Campus and hotel reservation site ( hotel reservation is made, you can enjoy a discount card account.
3) guests on business travel and reservation process is done by their company or by the travel agent will not be eligible for feed rates.
4) credit card for two years from the date of issue is solar.
5) for the purchase of points based on the scores you use the benefits plan.
6) scores during the credit cards can be used.
7) to each member of the club of loyal customers awarded only one card.
8) the use of special card benefits sharing one common are their immediate family members and the person or their family members during a visit and reception at the hotel is required.
9) to maintain continuous correspondence, certainly in case of change of address, notify the hotel of club loyal customers.
10) all the information required to register must provide complete and accurate if incomplete or incorrect information may reject your subscription request.
11) Hotel Pardisan no date for completion of preset your subscription plan. This plan should be continued until the hotel decided to check it out and completion of the project may be associated with notification to subscribers, or any notification done .
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Service Include


High-speed Internet, Air Conditioning, Dry Cleaning/Laundry Service, Automated Teller Machine, Parking space around the Hotel, Parking Space in the Hotel, Coffee Net, 24 Hour Room Service, Conference Hall, Library, Elevator, Lobby, Car Rentals, Barber Shop, Praying Room, Traditional Bath, Turkish Bath


Fast Food Restaurant, Coffee Shop


Meeting Room


Indoor Swimming pool, Fitness Gym, Spa Services, Jacuzzi, Dry Sauna, Steam Room, Children Playground