How to get a visa for Iran

Application forms and guides to get your Iran tourist visa online. Updated: November 08, 2021

Iran tourist visa is issued in case you wish to travel to Iran for tourist purposes only. Almost everyone needs a visa to enter Iran, unless you have a Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Georgia, Malaysia, Syria and Venezuela passport in which case they’ll just stamp you in at the airport.
You can get an Iran Visa on Arrival at one of the following airports:

  7-10 day processing time
  Non Refundable
  No Middleman

– Ahvaz International Airport (Ahvaz).
– Bandar Abbas International Airport (Bandar Abbas).
– Imam Khomeini International Airport (Tehran).
– Isfahan International Airport (Isfahan).
– Kerman Airport (Kerman).
– Kish International Airport (Kish Island).
– Larestan International Airport (Lar).

– Mashhad International Airport (Mashad).
– Mehrabad International Airport (Tehran).
– Qeshm international Airport (Qeshm Island).
– Shiraz International Airport (Shiraz).
– Tabriz International Airport (Tabriz).
– Urmia Airport (Urmia).
– To alleviate tourists’ concerns over us sanctions, passports of travellers entering Iran will not be stamped.

Visa fee

At the time of visa collection applicants are required to consider making related consular visa collection and paperwork fees. The visa fee depends on your nationality from 30 Euros to 75 Euros.

How to apply for Iran tourist visa

Before you can apply for an Iran tourist visa, you must contact a travel agent in Iran to issue a Letter of Invitation (Iran Visa Code).

The travel agency in Iran will submit an application with the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). If the application is successful, they will send you a visa code, which you have to take to the Iran Embassy/Consulate along with all the other required documents.

When Iran visa will open?

Iran is open now to vaccinated tourists. If you have received your two dozes of the vaccines, you are eligible to apply for the tourist visa.

Visa process fee

The visa processing fee is payable to the travel agency to get your Iran Visa Code. The visa processing fee is Non Refundable if rejected.

Photo Requirements

Your photo is a vital part of your visa application. We recommend you use a professional visa photo service to ensure your photo meets all the requirements.

Your passport photos must be:

  • clear and in focus
  • in colour
  • unaltered by computer software
  • at least 600 pixels wide and 750 pixels tall
  • at least 50KB and no more than 2MB

Iran visa requirements

  • a copy of the first page of your passport
  • one passport photo
  • Proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • A COVID-19 negative PCR test certificate issued within 96 hours prior to departure


It is not necessary to wear a Chador unless one wants to visit a holy Shrine. They should wear a long sleeve shirt There is no limitation on the color or material.

Yes, the head scarf should cover the hair.

The tap water is drinkable, but it is recommended to have mineral water.

It is Rial. In daily trade, Iranians use a unit called Tooman, which is the unit for 10 Rial.

You can exchange at the airport, there is Melli Bank, a better rate is available in Bureau de change.

Credit cards, master Cards are not accepted in Iran, and ATM’s are not for International use.

The power socket outlets are 2 round circles, in which a plug with two pins can be inserted.

Yes, please keep it until the day of your departure, when it will be collected by the passport control again. In case you lose the copy, please let the guide know.

Yes, please announce it at the custom, so that you receive a filming Permits for Iran.

Yes there are, but no taximeters, It is advisable to Agree on a fare before hand. The majority of the taxi drivers speak Farsi. The airport taxis are a little more expensive than street ones. for Traveling between the cities one uses taxi, buses, railway and air plane.

No, most of them only speak Farsi, but they are very helpful.