Ameleh (Ameleh)

Ameleh (Ameleh)

Idiomatic name: Ameleh

Traditional name: Amlaj

General name: Emblic

Scientific name: Phyllanthus emblica L.

Family: Phyllanthaceae

Use parts of plant: Fruit

Ameleh Hindi gooseberry or Mirobalan (scientific name of Phyllanthus emblica ) in the books of traditional medicine has the other names such as Aamlaj and Amlaj and in Indian linguistics, it is calling Amela and Uonela. This plant is the one type of the order of Malpygysanan. It is the ornamental tree with edible fruits and has 18 meters height and sometimes it will grow until 30 meters.


The tree of Ameleh is deciduous with globular fruit (yellow that is willing to green).  Leaves of this tree are in the shapes of feather and the flowers of that are in the pale green colour. In one book with the name of “Makhzan Aladvyeh” from Aqili Khorasani Ameleh is coming with the name of Amlaj and he introduced it as the fruit of Indian tree with the sour taste that is very astringent and maximum size of that is as large as the walnut. In the books of “Ostad-e Qahreman”( Champion Master), its pointed that this plant in the old description has the same shape as the new description.

Ameleh distribution in the world

Ameleh is native to India and the Middle East.


Preparation of Ameleh products described in Sanskrit in first century AD.

Also, handwritten records of drug use of Ameleh, are found in texts of Arabic, Iraqi, Tibetan, Egyptian, also in the Sida (India) Ayurvedic and Greek systems. Today Ameleh fruit consumes in the common shape in the Indian diet.

Medicinal properties of Ameleh fruit

Boiling Ameleh fruit in the sugar syrup until it comes to be as same as jam. Eat two numbers of its fruit without core and one spoon of its syrup every day. I t will disappear indigestion that the reason of that is from poor nature.

  1. This plant is treating of topical pain that is from weakness and disability. It is prevented from body sweat that is coming from the disability. Women that they cannot be pregnant consume this plant during the time of their menstruation. They will come to be pregnant very soon.
  2. Bake Ameleh fruit and every day make a part of it sweet with the water of the fruit and eat. You can eat some of the fresh fruits of this tree either. It is the reinforcement of mind and heart.
  3. Increase body resistance against viruses and bacteria and it is prevented from vomiting.
  4. It is increasing appetite.
  5. It is cooler, diuretic, nature’s laxative and astringent.
  6. It is increasing of sexual power.
  7. It is discontinuation of all kinds of bleedings.
  8. It is cathartic melancholy and thinners of mucus.
  9. The Ameleh fruit makes the moisture of stomach and intestines dry, and it is helpful for the elimination of Nissan, Amnesia, Paralysis and melancholy.
  10. Flail this fruit without core and rub sugar equiponderant of that and make dough with a little oil of sweet almond. Before breakfast eat about 20 grams of dough every day. It reinforces of the eye and relieves cramping.
  11. Pour the powder of this plant in the cold water, make the poultice and put it on the Forehead. It will prevent from nosebleeds.
  12. Mix the powder of Ameleh with Henna and make Toothpaste. Rub it at night on the head skin it will strengthen hair and make hairs longer. It is prevented from turn the hair white.
  13. This plant is harmful to Spleen. Purgative of that are valerian and honey.

The properties of Ameleh oil

Rub the oil of Ameleh on your head at night to eliminate white hair, strengthen hair and make hair long.