Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar

An apple if fermented come to be vinegar and because it come to be crushed completely before so does not lose its nutritional properties and only the sugar of it come to be acid that it means vinegar. That in this vinegar some there are some minerals such as Potassium, chloride, sodium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, iron, fluorine, silicon, etc.

Properties of apple cider vinegar

Deficiency or absence of Potassium in humans and animals and plants stop growing. The importance of potassium for soft tissue to be proven as the importance of calcium for the bones . Potassium some extent prevented from atherosclerosis that has many memories for humans. In addition adam with eating the apple cider vinegar can better fight with different microbes. Apple cider vinegar fumigation is very useful if it is pour on the hot stone or hot bricks and after that go to the nose or you can put the hot stone in the container of fumigation and breath. For treatment of  Diphtheria and  gargle angina, you can use apple cider vinegar.


For the treatment of  sore throat and swollen throat, have a weight of vinegar and put double water and a little sugar in a pot of stone or crystal or porcelain, or such dishes similar to those that has container door and close the door and tighten pores of  them with mung bean flour batter, after you’ve boiled it, make the small hole through the container door and make its vapor  way into your throat, do it once in three hours. For the treatment of bruises rings around the eyes and bruising under the skin, a combination of vinegar and honey is very useful poultice. Distil apple cider vinegar in the ear eliminates pus, infection, ear pain, and dirt. For the treatment of heavy or wind noise in the ears, prepare apple cider vinegar Fumigation and deliver the steam of it to the ear.

For treating tooth loss,  eating cooked mixture of  vinegar and dill is beneficial and also you can rub it to your tooth. It eliminates tooth pain either.

For preparing to vomit when it is needed (like Poisoned time) eating hot apple cider vinegar is useful.

For toxic drugs and closing the blood or milk in the stomach, eat a good mixture of vinegar and salt.

For the treatment of poisoning from mushrooms, first of all, you must use laxatives  after that use the mixture of vinegar and salt.

For the treatment of purulent skin wounds, and also prevent the increase of purulent wounds, and even syphilis and black spotted of face and itchy watery pimples poultice apple cider vinegar is useful.

For treatment of the sore that lasts for a year, use the ointment mixture of vinegar , Psyllium seed of road of abdomen repeatedly on the affected parts, it will be useful.

For the treatment of a sore throat or ear pain use Vinegar mixed with crushed expand, it will be useful.

For the treatment of head chronic pain, pour apple cider vinegar in the iron pot and boiling it on the fire or plunge Hot stone into apple cider vinegar. Put a blanket over the patient’s head and let him/her breathe the steam of that. It can even eliminate chest discomfort, including coughing and chest pain. To use as the sedative for Dental pain and periodontal wounds, ear pain poultice mix of Satureja and cumin cooked in vinegar and mixed it with chamomile is a very useful and eliminate ear pain, ear noise, and heavy ear by pulling the liquid in the ear. With smelling, this liquid stuck throat and nose will open.

For the treatment of delirium, give the combination of vinegar and rose water and almond oil to their patients, it will be very effective.

In the treatment of halitosis-related to the stomach, whenever dried about 75 grams of  big onion laminate it and boil it in vinegar in a mood that absolutely crushed, then put it in the sun for a week and after that you must smooth it. Every morning drink 5 grams of it the bad smell of your mouth related to your stomach will be lost. The amount allowed maximum vinegar per person is about 35 grams in per serving.

Apple Vinegar

Disadvantages of apple cider vinegar

Patients with albumin Avery, atherosclerosis, disorders of the stomach, diarrhea, swelling of the intestinal, gallstones, kidney inflammation, pregnant women should be modest.

Apple cider vinegar is harmful to the old persons, irascible, dry and cold temperament, and lack of power.

It is also harmful to those who have been newly diagnosed with a cough and especially for a dry cough. It is not good for nervous people those women who have uterine problems either.

It is harmful to the people that they have rigidity temperament,  those with different kinds of winds , wounds on their joints , and etc. Eating vinegar continuously is not good for the people with weak stomach and weak lungs.

Apple cider vinegar is not useful for the eye and again if you eat it continuously it will cause persistent jaundice on the face, intestinal ulcers, weight loss and neutralizing its harmful effects, sweets, oil [Almond], spices weak (not too spicy) in people with weak nerves honey and hot spices, and in the case of persons suffering from intestinal ulcers, such as enamelled foods such as glazed grain.