Ardebili Almond Stew (Peacham Qeimeh)

Ardebili Almond Stew (Peacham Qeimeh)



Meat: 300 gram

Almond slice: 150 gram

Egg: 5 numbers

Salt: necessary amount

Saffron: necessary amount

Oil: necessary amount

(Serve for 5-6 people)


How to prepare Ardebili Almond stew?

Cut meats in size that they are suitable for stew.

Pour water on meats and give time to them and let them bake.

Fry onions and add half cooked meat with salt, turmeric, the little pepper, saffron and almond slices to it and roasting all of them together on the frying pan.

At the end put egg yolk without stir on the meat and let them bake.

It is possible to put some slices of almond on the egg yolk either.

You can eat this stew with both bread and rice.

Enjoy it!