Ash-e Amaj (Amaj Soup)

Ash-e Amaj (Amaj Soup)

How to prepare Amaj Soup?

This food is for the Hamedan traditional food in Iran country.


Aamaj: One modulus

Soup vegetables (Torre, Scallion): 500 grams

Fried onion: Two tablespoons

Garlic: Three Berries

Lentil: 150 grams

Cowpea: 150 grams

Egg: One number

Salt, Pepper, Turmeric: Necessary amount

Put the Cowpea that you make it wet for one last night with one liter, of water and a little salt on the heat until it bakes for half an hour. Add lentil and after it comes to be a little soft, fry onion with Turmeric and burn them together and add them, both to the vegetables and garlic.

After a little boiling pours 2 cups of cold water and adds Amaj. Stir constantly until Amajs don’t stick to each other.

After about ten-minute watch measurement of Salt and Pepper.  Break an egg and add it little by little and stir until it bakes. At the end pour the materials on the dishes and decorate it with Hot Mint.



The special vegetables of this soup are contained (Torre, Savory, and Purple Tabriz Basil)

Basil Properties

Basil is full of Carotenoids such as Beta-carotene that it can conversion to the A vitamin inside the body. Beta-carotene has more Antioxidants properties in compare with A vitamin inside the body because not even protects cells against free radical damages but also it is preventing from oxidation blood cholesterol by free radicals in the blood vessels.

With not oxidizing, cholesterol is not creating in the blood vessel walls and therefore it is preventing the creation of atherosclerosis, clogging of the vessels and also heart attack.

Basil is the good source of magnesium. This plant with creating relax in the muscles and blood vessels is come to be the reason of strengthens the cardiovascular system, improved blood flow in the veins and decrease the risk of irregular heart rhythms and cardiovascular spasms.