Azmak (Hoary cress)

Azmak (Hoary cress)

The people must know such these herbs with unbelievable amazing properties. One of the enjoyable things that people have, when they are hiking in the forest, is having information about such these herbs and plants in their ways. It is very profitable if you know benefits and advantages of each of them so it will help you a lot and even you can use them in the future. Are they eatable or not? It will give you the good feeling.

Iran has several kinds of flowers because it is containing four seasons. It means that where ever you go you can find the special vegetation easily from the edible plants to the ones that you must not even touch.

Good people whom they go to nature a lot must have this ability to distinguish the edible plants from the poisonous one and for this purpose, they have many ways. Here you will understand what is Hoary cress.

Hoary cress is the kind of flower from the Wallflower family. This flower is in the groups that if you travel to the center, west, and north of Iran you can observe it. Only the weather of east and northeast is not compatible with this plant. However, you can observe it around Torbat heidarieh either.

Clusters of that are about 30-50 centimeters with very small white flowers and relatively broad leaves.

The seeds and leaves of Hoary cress consume in the traditional medicine. People can boil its leaves and consume them as the softener of the chest. Pay attention that it has the nasty taste.