Baqali Polou ba Mahiche (Fava beans Rice with Muscles)

Baqali Polou ba Mahiche (Fava beans Rice with Muscles)

(Serve for 2-4 people)


1/5 glasses of rice

150 gram of Sheep muscle

1/5 tablespoons of Dried fennel

Half a glass of Green broad bean

2 and a half berry Garlic

1/5 number of Onion

1 tablespoons of Tail Saffron

Turmeric and salt and pepper in the necessary amount


How to prepare Baqali Polou ba Mahiche:

Wash muscles well . Slice and chop the onions. Sauté them with some oil and two tablespoons of  butter until they come to be soft. Add the muscles. Reduce the heat and put the door of the pot. Let that the meat cooks for 10 minutes and after 10 minutes, return the meat. Chop 3 garlic and add them to the food. Sprinkle a little black pepper and a pinch of turmeric on muscles. Put 1 cinnamon sticks into the food. Add some glasses of water to the food.(Pay attention that the water doesn’t cover the meat ). Let them cook over low heat, for three minutes the muscle comes to soften and the water of the food to be drawn.(Add a little hot water if it is necessary.)

Wash the rice and put it in the pot with some glasses of water, a little oil and salt on the low heat until it is boiling. Now rinse the rice with warm water. (The rice must be soft and inside it must be little tough.)

Clean fava beans and pour  the peels of them  away. Separate two parts of  fava bean from each other. Then soak them for a few hours. Pour some oil into the frying pan , add fava beans with two chopped garlic , salt, and pepper. Saute them. After that fava beans come to soften add rinse rice , dill and remove them from the heat.

Pour a little oil on the bottom of  the  pot. Put your arbitrarily(bread, potato,..) as a part of your food inside it. Put the mix of rice and fava bean on them. Make the heat high till the rice steam. Now low the heat .Pour the mix of water and oil on the rice. Do not forget to put infuser. Wait until the rice brew.

To prepare Saffron rice you must mix some powdered of saffron with 1 tablespoon hot water. Now mix them with the little rice and butter in the other dish. Pour them in your food when it is prepared.