Chicken Tah-Chin

Chicken Tah-Chin


3 cups of rice

3 eggs pcs

1 cup Barberry.

1 cup Yogurt

2 Chicken

5 tbsp Butter

½ cup Oil

Infusion Saffron 5 tbsp

Salt and pepper the necessary amount


How to make Chicken Tah-Chin?

Put rice in a glass of water and some salt into a saucepan and heat until they boil, then rinse  it  with lukewarm water (rinse the rice until the rice seed does not stick between two fingers due to push and the brain of the rice come to be soft and slightly damp).

Cook chicken with salt and pepper plus 3 cups of water in medium heat until the water is gone. After cooking the chicken pieces, Soaked Barberry in water for one hour ,then fry the chicken in two tbsp butter and to it.

Share the rice into two parts, one part of rice with eggs, yogurt, 2 tablespoons brewed saffron and half the oil, mix them well together and another part mix brewed rice with 3 tablespoons of saffron, a pinch of salt and the other half of oil.

Brush the oil to the walls of the pot, put half of the rice, pour the egg and to be pressed with a good skimmer button then you have fine material. Pour a layer of chicken pieces and sprinkle a little red barberry then mix eggs and remain rice and consistence with previous layer press the materials. Complete the pan layered  and after finishing have good pressed. After finishing pour the remaining hot butter on the rice put the pot over medium heat. Depending on the type of heat between 1-2 hours time is required to prepare the food.

Note that Tah-Chin is the bottom of the pot, then prepare for a return or cut and separate serving dish, decorate Tah-Chin with red barberry.