Cumin seed

Cumin seed

Cumin seed is an aromatic and carminative seed that is used in cooking and medicinal parts and it is in the two types of Green cumin (scientific name :Cuminum cyminum) and Black cumin (scientific name : Carum carvil)that this one is famous to the Iranian cumin.

Cumin seeds are beaten by wood. These  self-propelled seeds are grown in Afghanistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, India, Cuba, Syria, Mexico and Chile. This seed are now is not grow in Palestine but in the past, it was growing there either.


The plant of Cumin is looked like carrots bushes the Leaves of it are 20 to 30 cm and a height of the plant is about 50 cm. The fruit of it is 2 mm crescent-shaped and has five prominent line. Most of  the Cumin in Iran is grow in Kerman. The best and finest Cumin is related to the Kerman that they are self-propelled.

Chewing some cumin is very useful to eliminate bad breath, the smell of garlic and onion smells . Cumin is a very effective in treatment to relieve indigestion. Use of it for those who have indigestion is very useful and they can use it in many meals.