Eating Torshi (Pickle)

Eating Torshi (Pickle)

Be familiar with properties of pickle

Pickle is one of the very popular detonators that many of Iranian families consume this seasoning near their foods and enjoy….

Someone believes that the history of making pickle is back to the 4 thousand years before Christ and even about 2 thousand years ago in India cucumber pickles and salted mixed pickle were using.

Most of these seasonings are making from some kinds of vegetables such as cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers and …

However, consuming pickle is common by Iranian families and many of them prepare it at home by themselves, even in the appropriate season of making pickle earning money from this way is very common and people put buckets of pickle on the car and sell them in the street.  Also, some persons have conversance in making pickle and they give the offer from the other ones either.


You can find Torshi markets in Iran in some recent years that it was a good idea and many people are now the firm customers of these markets.

Of course, the pickle factory has their own customers.

Today many kinds of unimaginable pickle such as palm pickle and mushroom pickle have their own customers.

However, at the time of buying it, everyone must pay attention to the colour and the expiration date of them. Appetizer and delicious pickles have their own fans of themselves in every season.

They are the best seasoning near the main kinds of foods.