In Persian it is “Ferfion” and in the Traditional medicine books, it calls “Ferbion” ,“Ouferbion” and “Aferbioun” and has several names in Arabic . It comes from several plants and in the air, it comes to be dark and black.


The above names are most of the time for the plants that white latex comes out of them either.

Ferfion with the scientific name of  “Euphorbiarigid” is an annual plant with the long straight stem that is growing and increase from the seed and the length of the stem is 15-50 cm. and has dark green color. The leaves of it are alternating and arrange spiral on the stem.     End of the leaves are round and they have short petioles. The leaves are oval and the low leaves are more or less leathery with white color and top leaves are dark green or greenish-yellow color. Euphorbia flowers are single and on a side. TRhe end of the flowers reaches from 17-21 mm. the end flowers are 4-6 with the shape of the umbrella with the length of the tail of the flower with 20-25 cm. Inflorescences of  it are Syatyum.

It is one of the kinds of weed that the length of the stem in the ground is sometimes to 1 meter.

Ferfion n1

The Ferfion properties:

1/ Eat small of it is anti-parasite and anti-fever.

2/For the treatment of rabies, mixed dried Euphorbia and fermented rice together and eat.

3/ For the treatment of skin rash boil it with and wash your body with this boiled water .

4/ To treat scorpion stings, hit fresh Euphorbia and poultice on the bite site.

5/ To treat and disinfect of the dog bite poultice sap of Euphorbia on the bite wound.

6/ For the treatment of warts, poultice Euphorbia sap on it.

7/ For the treatment of joint pain, mix sap of Euphorbia and olive oil and poultice it in the site of pain.

8/ Rub sap of Euphorbia can destroy the meat.

9/ For the treatment of cholera roasted Euphorbia seed and pepper together and it them.

10/ Euphorbia seed oil is a strong laxative.

11/ Drink boiled water of Euphorbia is parasiticide.

This plant is from the family of “eaecaibrohpuE” and it has several spices, and the most important and famous one that use in medicinal part is as follow:

1/ L AIP CSO Leh aibrohpuE

This plant and its latex called “Ferfion” around Tehran, “Gurbagund” in Balochistan , Kharan, “Sehr block” . in Makran.

In French it calls  “ nitam-liever ebrohuE ” , “sengiv sed ” , “Eb Roh PU E” , “seurrev  xua ebreH” and in English, it calls “egrupS”.

Ferfion 2


An annual plant with the height of 30-50 cm. with a thin stem , mast constructions and often it has no leave in the bottom.

The leaves are in the ovate shape, Toothed, with saw teeth with the color of light gray, and with the short petiole, the corolla is yellow.

Because of the break or the gap of the stem white Latex will get out of it, that is “Ferfion” and has India domestication. Actually, you can find it in all parts of Iran and it is also spread in Abyssinia, Sudan and Egypt and the Mediterranean areas. This plant is poisonous and it is more grow in Mostanha. And in this direction, it is called in French “Mostanha Ouforb”.

Chemical components

From the chemical components in this plant these are have been identified as follow:

  1. Saponins
  2. Fazyn 1

III.    butyric acid 3

  1. Aufurbyn 2

Properties & Application

It is customary in China that cooked Euphorbia plant with meat and soup. It is good and prescribes for the purification of the blood of persons who has lots of boils. These peoples must eat this plant. In external use from the decoction of this plant, it is used to reducing swelling and it is consumed as washing liquid reducing swelling and subside pimples.

Pulverized dry plant and consumed mixed it with fermented rice in the case of fear of water or Rabies that is called Haydrufubya 4.Leaves and young branches prescribe as antipyretic and anti-parasite and cream stretch. This plant is toxic.

In India, the root of this plant use as anti-mite and use the seed of the plant with the roasted pepper advocating for cholera (Eat). It is possible to use the oil seed as the laxative. The Leachate of the plant use for treatment of the blisters and cover blisters with that.

2/E ail FIM ht L

That in Baluchistan Nasirabad called “Kheiri 5”. It is an annual plant with shaggy asleep branches, its leaves are little long, oval-shaped, sharp and toothed. Under of it is covered with shaggy and it has short petioles.

It has red, long,  three-dimensional with 4-5 transverse grooves  seeds which are within a fruit capsule.

This plant also grows throughout India and in temperate regions of Kashmir.

This plant has Essential oil.

This plant is consumed in across China to the to the Philippines and in  India as medicine. In Taiwan, this plant uses as Astringent, diuretic and laxative.

3/uE illacuriT L (It is the name of location in the south of Iran.)

This plant is in the form of a small shrub with the height of 5.3 meters. with the trunk of 15-20 cm. diameter. With lots of branches and few small linear leaves .

The fruit capsule is dark brown. The seeds of that are oval and shinny.

This shrub is native to Africa and grow in India and Iran and it is planting in some parts of Iran either. In Iran, it is growing in Chabahar and Nick shahr and it is using as the hedge. It is so green and lush .

4/ uE ail firren L

This plant is a shrub with a woody stem. It has elongated oval leaves with short petioles and its fruit is a capsule form and it has three-dimensional. This plant is from India and you can find it in Iran either.

Ferfion 3