Gojeh Sabz (Prunus)

Gojeh Sabz (Prunus)

Prunus is the small juicy fruit, with the thin green or red skin with the hardcore. Plum is the smaller and sourer than Prunus. According to old writings, the strain of Prunus is back to 2000 years ago and the Chinese were the first ones that cultivate it. It is said that the plant was brought to Greece via Syria or Iran. The tree of this plant has the best grows in temperate areas and the mild weather it has the colours as follow:

  • Amethyst
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Bright Yellow
  • Bright Green


Cold weather causes brown color and undesirable appearance for the Prunus fruit. This fruit is quickly complete and it can be storing in the refrigerator only for four days. Prunus used in both shape of fresh and cooked in stews. It has lots of vitamin C, Malic acid, citric acid. Excess consuming of  Prunus cause the stomach bloating. This kind of fruit has the sour taste and it is also stiff and crunchy. It was consumed in between Iranian as a Junk Food. The tree of this fruit proliferation and harvested in the most parts especially Northwest of Iran. Prunus is the modified shape of Almond that has great prosperity in the Sardrood city.


The nutritional value of 100 grams of green tomatoes

  • Carbohydrates 52/8 Gram.
  • Fat 14/2 Gram.
  • Protein 6/1 Gram.
  • Crude fiber 5/0 Gram.

With consuming about 100 grams of  Prunus, it will supply 5 percent of  A vitamin, ½ percent B1 vitamin (Thiamine), 9/1 percent of B2 vitamin(Riboflavin),8/2 percent of  Niacin, 13 percents C vitamin, 5/1 percent of  Ca vitamin, 2/2 percents of  Phosphorus, 5 percents of  Iron and 6/3 percents of  K vitamin .

Therapeutic Properties

CULPEPES, the famous botanist of the 17th century believed that the consumer of Prunus is useful to improve the mouth feel. Cooked the Prunus leaves in the vinegar can be effective in the treatment of many kinds of roundworm.

CULPEPES the famous botanist of 17 century believe that consumption of Prunus will improve mouth feel and cooked the leaves of this tree in vinegar can be effective in treating roundworms of the stomach.

From the other properties of this fruit, being Laxatives is known.


Also, unique effects of this fruit including as follow:

  • Lower blood pressure and blood fat
  • Remove deposits from blood
  • Regulate gastrointestinal function

This Fruit is the reason of acid-base balance in the blood flow so this can be useful in the treatment of acidic blood.

This Fruit has significant effects in preventing diseases such as high blood lipids, cell aging, and cancer.

Benzoic acid is a compound that has anti-microbial properties. This material naturally exists in the Prunus. Also, some of the researches show the anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of this fruit.

Studies show that this fruit can be effective in the treatment of tumors. Also, due to the existence of ascorbic acid, it is recommended for the people that they have gout.