Golabgiry festival ( rose water festival) is from mid-May to mid-June. This event is taking place in different parts of Kashan such as Qamsar and Niasar annually which 1 million guests attending there. Its special charm and spectacular annual event, Rose water prepare in this interesting event from the red flowers that have been planted in these areas.

Golabgiry in Kashan is in thousand five hundred units that are produced fifteen thousand tons of heavy water.
It is strange that the most beautiful flowers and the sweetest pears of Four Seasons of Iran come out of the so dry desert. Kashan city is in 240 kilometers south of Tehran , in Isfahan Province,in the middle of Vulture Mountains in the central desert with the warm and dry weather.
Qamsar and Niasar from mid-May for two to three weeks are the host of Golabgyry guests who travel to these cities. The town is full of gardens, streams rose, which make the city pleasant for the travelers.
Rose that is grown in Kashan and its surroundings are known as Rosaceous. Golabgyry time is during the day in the hot weather, but air-cooled in dusk and at night. It is better if you want to patrol the areas choosing lightweight and comfortable shoes and do not throw trash on the ground, especially crockery.


Planting Rose in Iran is dating back to about seven thousand years ago. Golabgyry is a ritual ceremony in 1000 years, which have very little changes over that time. Rose of Qamsar that the quality of the water is for the world in terms of religion
and also has the honor and esteem. In addition to being used for aromatic religious spaces, a house of God is washed by pure water each year on 9 Dhu al-Hijjah.
However, Qamsar knows as the cradle of the finest water in the world, but pure water is produced in the villages of Van, Sar,Sade, and Vadeqan that are lesser-known and they are for the tourists. These villages are located in the places that are more mountainous areas than Qamsar and Niasar, flowers flourish later and more concentrated rose water is prepared in them.
Finest rose is in the area of the village 50 km north of Van,Vadeqan and Kashan, in the border provinces of Qom, Isfahan, and Central, respectively.
The process of golabgyry in this way that big pot full of rose petals and water, put on the pyre and rose water obtained by distillation. Before the golabgyry ceremony boilers and flowers are along the river , and people sang religious prayer and performed the ceremony.
Approximately 2 million persons are visiting Golabgyran ceremonies in Kashan, Qamsar , and Nyasrv annually . Qamsar and Niasar are the main Golabgyry poles of Iran, geographically they are also interesting and located in a short distance from the mountains and desert and has more delicate and milder weather than Kashan.


Golabgiri in Qamsar

Qamsar is located in about 30 km south of Kashan. The best time to attend Glabgyry is in early morning hours when there is still quite warm sun, the flowers are arranged in the hours before dawn fresh water is naturally better than they achieved.
In the city that is full of flower gardens, Glabgyry ceremonies are available for tourists to watch , people of Qamsar, are hospitable and warm, with patience and in a way to explain the procurement process of water and as if they repeat their explanations, that is more fun to Audience. Apart from seeing the ceremony Glabgyry and beautiful nature of Qamsar visit the shrine of Pir Dawud the building belonging to the al buoy is the conical dome and interesting color turquoise is not unpleasant.


Golabgiri in Niasar

The famous ancient of Iran and the Garden City is located in 30 km west of Kashan, that is at the first sight nothing more than Qamsar to tourists. It is enough to be little away from the city and go to a nearby mountain to see a natural beauty, especially the famous Niasar waterfall.