Halim Bademjun (Eggplant Halim)

Halim Bademjun (Eggplant Halim)


Boneless meat: half a kilogram.

Slender eggplant: one kilogram.

Lentil: 150 gram.

Fried onion: 50 gram.

Thick pulverized curd: 50 gram.

Minced walnut: 50 gram.

Pulverized Saffron: necessary amount.

Fried Garlic: 50 gram.

Fried Mint: 50 gram.

Salt and pepper: necessary amount.

( Serve for 5-6 people )


How to prepare Eggplant Halim?

  1. Make meat in several pieces.
  2. Wash Meat.
  3. Fry meat in the oil.
  4. Cook meat with three glasses of water, and fried onion on the medium flame.
  5. Wait until meat little bake and add soak lentil to it.
  6. Add fry eggplants to the materials and let them bake with the other pieces of the food.
  7. Flail it with the masher and make it crush completely.
  8. Put Halim on the oven heat.
  9. Rile them until the materials of Halim have the elastic mood.
  10. Add curd step by step, rile it regularly, let it boil completely and don’t stick to the bottom of the pan.
  11. Decorate the food with walnuts, curd, fried mint and fried garlic.


Nutrition Points:

Eggplant Halim is the local and delicious food. Eggplant is laxative it means that makes the stomach and intestines soft. Baking eggplant is very good and has many benefits for the spleen.

Walnut properties:

It has many benefits for the children that they have the low amount of Omega3 in their body.

The women that they use 28 gram of nuts in the week has the low possibility of having the gallstone.

If you want to have slow sleep before going to bed eat vegetables salad with walnut.