Halva Zardeh the popular dessert of Hamedan

Halva Zardeh the popular dessert of Hamedan

How to prepare Halva Zardeh?


Yolk: 10 numbers

Powder of Sugar: ¼ of glass

Rosewater: ½ of glass

Oil or Butter:  3 Tablespoons

Pulverized Saffron: 2 Tablespoons

The appearance of Halva Zardeh is similar to Porridge, with this kind of change that it has the yellow willing to orange colour and it is tougher and thicker.  This delicious dessert is usually serving in the cold shape and that is the popular dessert of Hamedan.

Mix Yolk and sugar with each other very well until the mixture gives the vermiform colour and give a little puff. Take out the pan and pour butter inside it then give heat. Add Yolks to the butter and rile them on the low heat. After 5 minutes that the materials are coming to be little tough mix Rosewater and Saffron that they dissolved in boiling water together and add them to the materials that they are inside the pan and rile them all together. After 10 minutes that they are boiling on the low heat put it in the refrigerator until it comes to be tough.



If after getting out of Halva from the refrigerator it was loose you can put it once again in the oven and then place it another time in the refrigerator and let it be tough. For decorating it you can consume cinnamon and pistachio powder.