Halvaa Saih Ardebil (Ardebil Black Halva)

Halvaa Saih Ardebil (Ardebil Black Halva)

Ardebil black halva is one of the Iranian sweets that is prepared in Ardebil province.

Ardebil Halva is preparing from the mixture of flour, wheat germ, water, butter, spices and natural honey extract.

Ardebili women prepared black halva at home and made them in the circle shape and keep them as food for the cold weather of winter base on energy generation of them.

Black halva is one of the most important traditional food and souvenirs of Ardebil.

This food base on natural honey and butter of that and also the way of preparing can remain in average weather can remain for four months without rot.

You can make it as same as the first day of preparing by giving a little heat to it.


How to prepare Black Halva?


Whole wheat flour: 500 gram.

Walnut Brain: 300 gram.

Sugar: 400 gram.

Grape sap or Date sap: 750 gram.

Spice (Black pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Cloves, Ginger, Cumin): necessary amount.

Solid oil: 300 gram.

(Serve for 8 – 10 people)


  1. Soak wheat for 2-3 days and wait until it has sprouted.
  2. Crush wheat and then mix it with a little water.
  3. Pour it in the smoother.
  4. Mix flour with wheat water and make a dough.
  5. Add walnut brain and spices.
  6. Put the mixture on the heat and let them boil several times.
  7. Add oil and stir them up and wait until the colour of dough change to golden and don’t stick to the spoon.
  8. Now remove it from the heat and add ready syrup and stir them up. (Wait until dough give the taste of syrup)

This kind of Halva must have the dark colour and peppery taste.

Enjoy it!