Hyssop is a stable planet from Lamiaceae family that they are growing in self-propelled mode . This planet has thick and ramified roots with rather wooden stems and small ,contrast, sharp and very aromatic leaves . The flowers are beautiful and fragrant. The essence of this planet is similar to Peppermint and has the medical use.

Properties of Hyssop flowers

Hyssop plant with the scientific name of  Hyssop Officinalis / Nepetabracteata Benth the botanical hyssop that is a shrub with ramified stems has up to 60 CM height and grow in the form of self-propelled in southern of Europe, Iran, India, Turkey, and Russia. It has Small, striped, sharp, green color and very fragrant leaves. This planet has blue and sometimes white flowers that they appear at the end of the stems.

Medicinal properties: According to an ancient medicine of Iran Hyssop is Hot and Dry.

1) Hyssop alleviates a cough and respiratory problems.

2) Hyssop is plasticizer breast.

3) Hyssop is Mucus.

4) Hyssop strengthens the stomach.

5) Hyssop relieves flatulence.

6) Hyssop is a diuretic.

7) Hyssop is the effective agent for the treatment of asthma.

8) Hyssop increase appetite.

9) Hyssop is useful to relieve anemia.

10) Hyssop alleviates depression.

11) Hyssop is useful for the treatment of epilepsy.

12) Crushed hyssop leaves and put on the wound to heal them.

13) It is useful for the treatment of herpes simplex and the persons with this kind of problem must use brewed Hyssop.

14) Hyssop compression can be alleviated fracture pain.