Kabab Barg (Barg Kebab)

Kabab Barg (Barg Kebab)


Sirloin or veal tenderloin:  half a Kilogram

Olive oil: 1/3 of cup

Onion: 2 Numbers

Salt and Pepper: necessary amount

(Serve for 4-5people)

How to prepare Barg Kebab

First way:

You can choose Sirloin or veal tenderloin for preparing barg kebab. The veal must clear before the cut. It means that 13-14 centimeters of the head of meat that is the place of junction of the meat to the bone must be cut and veins and roots must be picked up.

  1. Cut the cleared veal from the length to some 10 centimeters parts.
  2. Lay each episode on the board.
  3. Cut with the Length cutting with the shape of Sheet in the size of one centimeter.
  4. Put one of the Sheets of veal on the board and mashed it with the heavy knife or cleaver.
  5. Mix the grated onion water, olive oil, saffron and if you want yogurt together.
  6. Put phylum on the mixture and let them stay there at least for one night.
  7. Grill drag them. (Please pay attention to add salt to red meat especially kebab in middle of the cook. If you pour salt before baking meat, it comes to be dry and firm. )



Second way:

  1. Cut meat with 7 centimeters length and made the sheet with the cutting shape of half a centimeter.
  2. Finely grated onions to be completely smashed. Taken the water out of it and mix it with olive oil and pepper.
  3. Put the meat for 24 hours in this mixture and put them in the refrigerator.
  4. 2-3 times cut the veal with the cleaver. Grill the pieces of meat and roast them sometimes turn them until both sides completely cook.

Pay attention that the Kebab don’t come to be too much dry. Add Salt at the end of the cook to the meat.

Your food is ready. Enjoy it!