Kaljush (Hot meal rich in calcium)

Kaljush (Hot meal rich in calcium)

Kaljush is one of the very old and traditional Iranian dishes. This food is naturally hot and it is rich in calcium , phosphorus and it is mostly eat in cold months of the year.

(Serve for 2-4 people)


Necessary amount of oil

1number of onion

1/5 tablespoons of dried mint

Necessary amount of  Turmeric

Half a Kilogram of Curd

100 gram Walnut

Necessary amount of Salt

Necessary amount of Black pepper

How to prepare Kaljush

1)Pour a little oil in a saucepan that is over medium heat. Put Onions on it until they are frying and come to be soft and golden. Add dried Mint and Turmeric to the Onion.

2) Add Curd to 3 glasses of Water. Increase the heat and let it simmer and materials come to thicken.

3) Reduce heat and add Walnuts. Taste a little of  food and if it is necessary to add Salt and black Pepper. Let it to boil for 15 minutes.

4) Pour Kaljush within the dish and serve it with bread. You can decorate it with Fried Onions, Fried mint, and pieces of walnuts.

Some point about making  Kaljush

1)    Chopped onions.

2)    You can use Sesame Oil to make the food healthier.

3)    Very finely chopped or minced the walnuts.