Kharbaq Siah (Black Hellebore)

Kharbaq Siah (Black Hellebore)

Black Hellebore or Christmas Rose is from Ranunculaceae family. It is also mentioned in the books of traditional medicine as Rajol alray. The root is used as the vertical composition of the Ayarj Lvghazya.


Black Hellebore is the herbaceous plant, Perennial, Short, with green branches.

Traditional medicine

Black hellebore nature is hot and dry. General properties of that are laxatives bile and absorbing mucus from deep tissues in the body and this plant is the therapist of the cold diseases and also it is stronger than the white kinds. In all interactions that hellebore has the active role the black one is more effective and has faster acting either. It is used in Temple and head pain, the old water loss from the eye and chest pain, clear the respiratory tract, offal products, bladder, and uterus.

If a few days laid them near sweets, and or with Peeled barley or boiled with lentils and drink the water of it, it does not hurt you. It is harmful to the kidneys and correcting of it are Tragacanth, thyme, two Swan, Fitr Asalyvn Rock- Parsley, Fudenjan, and mastic. Two shekels of that is deadly with diarrhea, shortness of breath and the syrup contain half a gram to half a shekel of this plant.

Some the other traditional names of Black Hellebore are as follow:

  • Kharbaq Asoud (Hellebore Aswad)
  • Katky Siah
  • Khale Zangi

1)    The nature of that is very hot and dry.

2)    It is consuming for destroying white stains so mix it with vinegar and rub it on your skin.

3)    For treatment of voice on the ear baking Black Hellebore with vinegar and drop it into your ear.

4)    It is a soothing toothache.

5)    For treating hearing boil the roots of Black Hellebore and drop some of that in your ear. (Do that under doctor opinion)

6)    Brewed shape of this plant is consuming for the treatment of Obsession and


7)    For treatment of half-headache and Epilepsy drink brewed shape of Black Hellebore.

8)    It is very profitable for eyes and it is one of the reasons of improve vision.

9)    Get out of Soda, Bile, and Mucus from the body.

10) Get out bad phlegm from the body.

11) It is strong Purgative.

12) It is helpful for swelling of intestine, stomach, bladder.

13) It is the treatment of frequent urination.

14) Underground stems of this plant are strong Purgative that they must consume with caution.

15) It is heart amplifier.

16) It is helpful for the patients that they have sudden paralysis as same as brain bloodshed.

17) This plant is harmful to kidneys and it must consume with Katira, Pennyroyal, and Mastic.

18) If you pour the brewed shape of that around your home it makes the insects fugitive.

19) This plant is Toxic and Fatal. Try to don’t consume it and if you do that be under doctor opinion.