Khoresh Mast(Yogurt Stew)

Khoresh Mast(Yogurt Stew)


Half  a clean chicken with the empty stomach: 375 grams.

Strained yogurt: 250 grams.

Pulverized saffron: half a teaspoon.

Slice orange without any bitter taste: half a glass.

Fried onion: 2 numbers.

Salt and pepper: necessary amount.


(Serve for 3-4 people)


How to prepare Khoresh Mast?

  1. Clean the hen and fry it with onion.
  2. Add the salt and let it bake with two glasses of water.
  3. After baking the hen , it has little water , add pulverized saffron, salt, pepper and slice of orange to it. After little boiling take out the hen and slice it.
  4. Low the heat.
  5. Stir well the yogurt until it comes to be smooth and add it to the stew. (Pay attention that after adding the yogurt the stew must not boil. It is enough that the yogurt comes to be little warm. )
  6. Put hens in the dish and pour stew on them.

You can prepare this stew with meat either.