Kookoo Sabzi (Vegetable Koko)

Kookoo Sabzi (Vegetable Koko)

Vegetable with the enchanting taste and colour makes everyone attracted to itself.  Many persons love to eat this delicious food and this food is the common one in the Iranian tables. Vegetables Koko is one of the beautiful and tasty foods with many vitamins and because of fast preparing, consuming this food in the cold shape and easy kind of cooking with the vegetable blender is very popular for the families. Use the foods that they have less meat in themselves and have many kinds of vegetables are profitable for the health of the body.



Koko vegetables contain Torre, Parsley, Dill, Coriander and a little fenugreek.

Egg: 2 numbers.

Salt, pepper, and turmeric: necessary amount.

Baking powder: half a teaspoon.

Milk: one tablespoon.

Berry and walnut brain (base on your taste) one small cup.

Lettuce: 1 number base on your taste for the better taste.

Garlic: 2 parts of garlic.

Oil: necessary amount.

(Serve for 2-3people)


How to prepare Vegetables Koko

  1. Put vegetables after washing aside and let them come to be dry completely.
  2. Put all of them together with lettuce leave and garlic in the blender. (Finely chop them together. The vegetables of Koko must be smaller than the vegetables that you use for the rice.)
  3. Fry the vegetables in two tablespoons of oil. Pay attention that your vegetables in this level must fry completely, otherwise in the end level of backing inside pan the Koko come to be black in the way that inside of it is raw.
  4. Let vegetables come to be completely cold, break the eggs one by one in the small bowl( get confidence about healthy eggs )add them to the vegetables in the proper bowl.
  5. Let them to having the good puff, then add salt, turmeric, baking powder and pepper to the mixture. (If you want to add half a cup of berry and walnuts to the mixture).
  6. Pour one tablespoon of milk, rile them well and make them unmixed.
  7. Pour oil into the pan and let it be hot. (If the oil is not being hot completely Koko will chop or it will stick to the pan.)
  8. Pour ingredients little by little in the pan and make them smooth with the spoon. At the end close the door of the pan and let it bake completely.
  9. Make the heat high until Koko gives shape for itself after that make it low and let the Koko bake completely and roast(About 15 minutes).When one side of Koko completely roasted you can cut and give the desirable shape to it. This is the time that the other side of the Koko must be roast (pay attention that Koko doesn’t chop), once again make the heat high and roasting the other side of the Koko then make heat low and let them bake.

You can prepare the Koko inside the oven. For this purpose, you must make the oven hot with 350 degrees of the Fahrenheit and put the Koko inside it for forty minutes and let them roast completely.