Kookoo Sibzamini (Potato Koko)

Kookoo Sibzamini (Potato Koko)

Potato Koko is delicious food that you can prepare it easy and soon. This kind of Koko has two models of preparing.

If you want to cook the potato Koko sooner the best way is to use raw potatoes.


Potato: 3 big numbers.

Egg: one number (mix albumen and yolk parts together).

White flour: half a modulus.

Chopped coriander or chopped mint: half a teaspoon.

One clove of chopped garlic.

Butter: two tablespoons.

Oil: Two tablespoons.

Salt and Black pepper: necessary amount.

(Serve for 6 people)


How to prepare potato Koko?

  1. Wash potato and peel them.
  2. Grate potatoes in the medium shape.
  3. Put grated potato in the crystal bowl.
  4. Add eggs, flour, garlic, aromatic vegetables, salt and pepper to the bowl.
  5. Rile the materials with the spoon very well until they mix together.
  6. Prepare pan and pour oil and butter inside it.
  7. Put the pan in the medium flame of the oven and let butter and oil melt.
  8. Pour the full spoon of the mixture into the pan and smooth every part of it with the spoon (in fact give the shape of the circle to the Koko).
  9. When one part of the Koko frying in the oil turnover it.


You can add both together if the amount of butter and oil are not enough.

(Butter use to giving taste to Koko.)