Loubia Polou (Rice and Beans)

Loubia Polou (Rice and Beans)

(Serve for 2-4 people)


2 Cups of Minced Beans

1 Tablespoon of Tomato paste

1 Cup of Rice

Half a Cup of Oil

1number of Onion

1 number of Coarse potato

Loubia polou is one of the famous Iranian foods. This food is particularly popular in Tehran.

Ingredients for Loubia polou with Stewed meat:

1 Tablespoon of  Tomato paste

Half a Bowl of  Meat

2 cups of  Minced Coarse Beans

1 number of Coarse potato

Salt, Pepper, Turmeric , Saffron (necessary amount)

Half a Cup of oil

1 Average Onion

1 Cup of  Rice


How to make Loubia Polou with Stewed meat?

Coarsely chopped four cups of  Beans and let it cook with a little salt and water for about half an hour. Let the water evaporates. Finely cook meat stewed with Water, Salt, and Pepper.

Fry an Onion in a cup of oil, then added Turmeric and two tablespoons of Tomato paste to it and roast. Finally, add the Beans and cooked meat.

Peeled two large Potatoes, and make them ready for the bottom of the pot.

Cook the Rice in the drain form. Put the Potatoes in the bottom of the pot and after that put Rice and ferment of the food layer by layer in the pot.

Finally, you can have a bit of Saffron water poured over white rice. Put the pot in the oven and let the rice cook. Your food is ready until half  to one hour. Put it on the dish and put the Potatoes around it.