Professor Mahmoud Hesabi

Professor Mahmoud Hesabi

Dr. Mahmoud Hesabi born on February-1903 and died in August-1992. His real name is Mahmoud khan Mirza Hesabi but he is known as professor Hesaby. He was Physicist, Senator, Minister of Education and founder of the Physics University in Iran.


Mahmoud Hesaby was born in Tehran from Tafreshi Mother and Father. He was spent first four years of his childhood life in Tehran and was beginning his primary education in seven years old in Beirut with poverty and ordeals of being away from the homeland in the French priest school. At the same time, he was learned Persian literature and Religious education from his mother. He memorized the Quran and Hafez. He had also complete nobles on Boustan, Golestan Saadi, Shahnameh of  Ferdowsi, Masnavi of  Rumi books and Deputy Farahani Characteristics information. Hesaby were very well familiar with poetry and traditional music of Iran and classical music of West. He was skilled at playing the violin and piano. He achieved success in several sports fields, like achieving Lifeguard certification in swimming in adolescence in Beirut. He died in Geneva Hospitals of University. His family tomb is located in Tafresh city. Also, the department of Transportation of the Islamic Republic of Iran put the name of doctor Hesaby on one of fleet ships of itself.


Began his secondary education was at the beginning of  I World War and holidays of  French-language schools of  Beirut. Hence he studied for two years at home. After that, he continued his education in the American College of Beirut. In seventeen years old he was Bachelor of literature and at nineteen years old he received the bachelor of Biology. After that, he was graduated from the civil Engineering of the French university in Beirut. In this time, with employment in planning and construction of highways,  he has helped the supplement of the family income.

He was also paid college education in medicine, mathematics, and astronomy.

He was educated and researched at the Sorbonne universities of French. In the 1927 year at the age of twenty 25, he gave his encyclopedia of Physics, with a thesis entitled “photoelectric cells are more sensitive”, and he gave many awards either.

  • Bachelor of Literature from the American University of Beirut
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the French University of Beirut
  • Bachelor of mathematics, astronomy, and biology from American University of Beirut
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Paris
  • Bachelor of Mining Engineering from Mines ParisTech of Paris
  • D. in physics from the Sorbonne university in France

Political positions

He was appointed as Senator of Iran in the first period, the second and third senate of Iran. He was also education Minister of the cabinet of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh in years 1951-1952.


Social and Job activities

Although he had the situation to continue his education in the abroad but he came back to Iran and paid to the establishment of modern science and the establishment of normal school, higher learning institution, Technical faculties, and sciences at Tehran University, writing dozens of  books, pamphlets, launch, establishment of modern physics and engineering.

Scientific and Administrative Proceedings
  • The first technical mapping and specialized of Iran country (Bandar Lengeh way to the Bushehr)
  • The first modern road construction and scientific of Iran (The way of  Tehran to Shemshak)
  • Established the first nomadic schools of Iran
  • Established the excellent normal school( higher learning institution)
  • Making the first radio of Iran
  • launch the first transmitting antenna in Iran
  • launch the first Seismology Centre in Iran
  • Launch first Atomic Reactor of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran
  • Launch the first Radiology device in Iran
  • Calculate and determine of official time of Iran
  • Established the first private hospital in Iran, with the name of Goharshad hospital
  • Create forums of the Persian language and being in the establishment of Iranian Academy
  • Compiling the statute of established scheme of Tehran University
  • Established Technical Faculty of Tehran University
  • The establishment of Faculty of Science in Tehran university
  • The establishment of supreme council of  intellectual
  • The establishment of the central part of making Lens of Applied Optics in Faculty of Science in Tehran University
  • The establishment of acoustic section in the university and measuring the distances of Iranian music steps in the scientific method
  • The establishment of Association of  Iranian music and center of Music Researches
  • The establishment and a new educational program for elementary and high school
  • The establishment of Tehran University Geophysics Institute
  • The establishment of Atomic Research Center of Tehran University
  • The establishment of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran
  • The establishment of the first modern observatory in Iran
  • The establishment of the modern center of  chase satellites in Shiraz
  • Participation in the establishment of the center of Asadabad in Hamadan Telecommunications
  • The establishment of Research Committee in Iran space
  • Creating the first Meteorological stations of Iran (The building of high learning institution in gallery of Tehran University.)
  • Establish Statutes and the establishment of the National Institute of Standards
  • Establish regulations Iran textile mills and a treatise on how government support growth of this industry
  • Establish industrial research unit of Saqdaea (Research and Technology in electronics, physics, optics physics, artificial intelligence)
  • Launch the first water mill to generate electricity (generators) in the country
  • Create the first experimental workshops in Applied Sciences in Iran
  • Created the first basic science laboratories in Iran
  • Establish Saqdaea industrial research unit
  • Formation and chaired of Research Committee in Iran 1360
  • Awards and Honors
  • 1349- Received the title of “Distinguished Professor of Tehran University
  • 1365- Conducting of conferences annual Physics in 1365 in Iran in honor of Mahmoud Hesaby
  • French sign of Legion of Honor in France

Doctor Hesabi museum

Just a  little bit after the death of doctor Hesaby in 1993, his house comes to be a museum in which his Personal items, Scientific and educational documents, Emblems, Acknowledgments, Old photos, the text of speeches, writings has been exhibited inside it. His house is located in the place that in the past it was called Hesaby crossroads.


Discussion about the Scientific and cultural status

After his dying exaggerated stories about the special works and his academic standing and his connections by scientists such as Albert Einstein has been published in the Iranian media which has been criticized by someone.Some of these discussions are contained as follow:

  • Cooperation and his relationship with Albert Einstein
  • Their common article
  • He was the only Iranian student of Albert Einstein
  • Being greatest Iranian physicist
  • Scientific man of the year
  • Having a modern and proven theory of physics
  • Simultaneous study
  • Expertise in various fields

Also, his opinion about the women and refusing to grant a scholarship to Alnush Teryan had discussions for itself. Some of the academics such as Reza Mansouri, Mehdi Zareh, and Zia Movahed dispraise exaggerate about him. Someone else such as Mehdi Golshani in addition of having many dispraise of exaggerations about him and of course dispraises harsh criticism, knew him as a thoughtful physicist.

Naser Moqabeli assistant professor and also the assistant of doctor Mahmoud Hesaby, that he considered his services in progress and updating the scientific sphere of Iran very valuable. He also knows it correct to trying to keep his memory in our mind.

Iraj Hesaby the son of  Dr. Hesaby has rejected these criticisms. He said in his interview that his father has no picture with Mr. Albert Einstein.



His extant works in the fields of Physics, Persian language, and cultural research includes 21 books and paper.

The most effects of him are as follow:

  • High school physics books1939.
  • The book in the interpretation of Duber waves in six theses, Tehran University 1946.
  • Continuous particle Paper, in the journal academy of sciences of America in 1947.
  • The theoretical paper is to prove that charged particles have more mass and it was by light in compare with Electron, Report of publication of American Physical Society in 1948.
  • Article the model of infinite widespread particles, the journal of Physics France in 1957.
  • E-optical physics of Tehran University in 1961.
  • Treatise on the theory of infinite widespread particles.
  • Persian affixes and Gashvazhe (Prefix. and Suffix) 1989.
  • Hesaby culture (English to Persian).