Mirza Qasemi

Mirza Qasemi

(Serve for 2-4 people)

Ingredients of Mirza Qasemi

3 numbers of Medium eggplants

2 numbers of Tomatoes

1 Medium Bush of garlic

1-2 Eggs

1 Tablespoon of Tomato paste

Salt, Pepper and Turmeric (Necessary amount)

Oil (Base on your desire)



How to prepare Mirza Qasemi

Peeled the Eggplants and sliced them with a knife . Frying  grated or crushed Garlic with one teaspoon Turmeric and a little salt in 2-3 tablespoons of oil. Let them to be gold. Add Eggs to the Garlic and stir. Add the Eggplant and rile them . Peeled the Tomatoes and chop them. Add the Tomatoes to the Eggplants.

Let the mix cook with the door of the pot for fifteen minutes with the medium heat.

After that rile the mix . You can add the Tomato paste right now. Let the mix cook for 10 minutes again. Sprinkle pepper .

The meal is ready. Enjoy it.