Nigella(The Black Seeds) is an annual plant , flowering, and native of Southwest of Asia. This plant is going to great particularly in Isfahan and Arak cities of  Iran.

The seeds of this plant are used as medicine. Nigella is from hour flowers (Ranunculaceae) and  Ranunculaceae (Ranunculaceae) family. The seeds of it have menstruation properties,anti-mite, antibacterial, cathartic and make  milk secretion  more effect.

Nigella has the bitter and spicy taste. It is used with a little taste of strawberry in the pharmaceutical industry.


Medicinal properties

Nigella and its oil are the most effective and useful things for almost every disease, Allergic or Sensitivity and even serious diseases like Shortness of breath (asthma), Diabetes, impaired immune system, or jaundice (Hepatitis), HIV (AIDS) and even cancer is the drug.

    This seed is native to the southwest of Asia and from the past time used as anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial and cathartic.

    Nigella consumption is useful for nursing mothers because it increases the secretion of milk.

    Research has shown that minerals and vitamins in Nigella are useful in the treatment of diabetes, tuberculosis, cardiovascular diseases, anemia, and migraine.

    Essential fatty acids abundant in Nigella made it become a kind of anti-cancer food which is also helpful in maintaining healthy skin and hair.

    Nigella has a lot of iron and potassium and in addition to strengthening the immune system, relieve any blood poisoning  and constipation.

    Nigella oil consumption in the feeding program in lowering blood sugar, balance blood pressure, improving arthritis and Gingivitis is effective and Filtering out the kidneys and urinary tract .

    Nigella has many properties including the treatment of cancer, treat stomach ulcers, elimination of toxins in the liver and also set as the digestive system.


In various religions

In Zoroastrianism

Nigella in Zoroastrian culture is the best drug and always has been used by Iranians. It is useful to increase the safety force of soul and body.

In Islam

Prophet Muhammad said about this seed :

Every disease healing is in Nigella , except death.

Treatment of diseases with Nigella

Dizziness and ear pain

Mixed a teaspoon of honey with a few drops of Nigella oil and every morning eat this mixture in fasting mood. Continue until at least 11 days.


Make a cup of Nigella oil warm,then, before bed rubs it on the area of pain and massage it well. Next desired location  bandaged with a piece of woolen cloth and rest.


Mixed A tablespoon of  Nigella powder with half  a cup extract of cress and after eating meal eat this mixture in three part.

Liver discomfort

Mixed some of  Nigella powder  with aloe vera and honey and every morning eat one teaspoon of it in fasting mood. You can also mix Nigella oil when it is boiling with willow leaf and eats before sleep for one week.

Headaches and Migraine

Mixed half of spoon Nigella powder ,Anise and three pieces of crushed Cloves then boil them with a glass of milk(it is useful to use a little pure honey either ). You can drink this confection when you have a headache or Migraine. In addition, make you’re the temporalis oily with Nigella oil.

Pain and kidney discomfort

Boil one cup of  Nigella in one liter of water and make it sweet with honey. Drink it for one week in fasting mood. You can also mix one tablespoon of  Nigella powder with a half a glass of olive oil and put as a poultice in the part of the kidney that you feel an ache. Continue this once in a day for 5 days. Boil some parsley every day in the glass water, add seven drops of  Nigella oil and drink one cup of it morning and night. Continue for 5 days.


Urinary incontinence

After thorough washing of eggshell, preheated it with heat and mix it with some Nigella and crush it till it comes to be completely soft. Put one teaspoon of this mixture in the glass of milk stir it. Drink it morning and night for one week.

Intestinal pain and Cramps

Boil an equal amount of cumin , mint, and anise. Add seven drops of  Nigella oil to it. After that sweet it with pure honey and use it when you have Intestinal pain and Cramps.


If you crushed some of  Nigella and drink it  with a little Sekanjabin your fever is resolved.