Niloufar (Morning glory)

Niloufar (Morning glory)

Morning glory is known in the world with the scientific name of Ipomoea tricolor. This plant is in the groups of perennials from the family of Convolvulaceae and it is local in the tropical places, especially Mexico, center and the south of America and it is cultivating in the widespread regions of the world either.

This plant has the always green, shrub, continual, one year, winder and scaler spices. Trumpet flowers of it are growing in the half second part of summer and half first part of autumn.

Morning glory in the time of growing can have 2-4 meters tall and has ordered, screwed leaves that they are 3-7 centimeters with long petioles in 1.5 – 6 centimeters tall. The flowers are in the shape of the trumpet and have 4-9 centimeters diameter and they are mostly in the blue shape with golden yellow and white center.

Someone knows this plant because of the speed of growth and its prodigious seed production as the invasive weed.

As a today modern usage Morning glory is in the part of Ivy. As the flower of it is in the shape of Trumpet has blue hard pleasant or light red gentle color, in the high mood of freshness that they are open early morning and after some hours withered.


Morning Glory needs light and complete sun for flowering. This flower needs soil with appropriate humidity and drain. Of course, it can tolerate a little dryness of the soil either. Mild weather is appropriate for Morning Glory but it can grow in the tropical places either.


Morning Glory proliferation is possible through cultivate seeds of that in the spring or happened with semi-ripe wood or softwood cuttings in the summer. For training, this plant needs the completely bright place and Humus-rich soil that it has the appropriate drain. It needs protection for growing up. This plant watered every day in summer. The farmer must make the plant thin and make branches short in every spring. The appropriate weather for growing any kind of this plant is in between 0 – 10 °C.

Hallucinogenic properties

No part of Morning Glory must use as edible food. The seed of that usually has the Hallucinogen properties and they are known as Acid amide D-lysergic or LSA. Also, these seed has kinds of Glycoside that if the people consume it maybe they will feel Nausea.